Adding a relationship Bar

Is there a way to add a relationship button beside the stat button? Like one character stats but i trying to add a relationship button.

You can display relationship stats in the stats screen for the character. If you desire separate screens, you could split the stats screen via choices and have one for stats related to the character and one for relationships.

To add a button besides the stats screen and the other built-in buttons, I think you have to learn how to mess around with Javascript.


Wait, is that legal? We can mess around and have extra buttons? Will CoG even publish it? If that’s true, why haven’t other people already experimented with that?

Pretty sure CoG won’t publish it, but people can experiment for their own game copies.

To be quite honest, I’m not very sure about adding different buttons. Stat bars are normally the most accepted way of showing statistics.

I guess if you don’t want the Stat bar, you could show it as:

*comment Relationship Status ///
*create character_name "45% - Aquaintances"

And have it to where, depending on the situation, it raises by +5, or +10, or -10.
Such as:

*if (ThisorThatHappens = "true")
  *set character_name "50% - Friends"

But this seems rather convoluted and confusing. Stat bars are honestly your best friend for visually showing your player their stats.

The recommended CoG standard is to have *choice inside your choicescript_stats.txt file that splits it up into multiple “pages”.


    # Relationships ...
        *gosub_scene relationship_stats
    # ...

Having another button next to the Stats button can work fine on a computer screen, but there’s not a lot of room for it on mobiles. I think Dan posted sometime in the past year to explain that’s why they’re trying to keep as few buttons as reasonably possible and wouldn’t publish an app that had added an extra one.