Add/Remove Issues in the PM System

Hey everyone! I’ve noticed that I’m no longer able to remove people from PM threads?

Usually this doesn’t happen until a few weeks/months after I’ve made it, and it’s not such a big deal, but I tested it out just a few minutes ago, and I’m not able to remove anyone anymore?

Oddly enough, I’m still able to add people without an issue, but it seems that the only person I’m ever able to remove is myself, and only if I’m not the OP. Otherwise, the add/remove button is…well, it’s only half-right, lol

Has anyone else noticed this issue? Does anyone know if this is a Discourse bug or just a bug in our neck of the woods?


Seems like that’s a feature, not a bug according to Discourse. :man_shrugging:

Basically, they don’t see why you would want to remove someone from a message after you invite them.

Mods can remove people, but they’re the only ones AFAIK.


I am not always in agreement with the “Discourse Designers” … this is one instance where I think their viewpoint is both short-sighted and just plain wrong-headed.

Never-the-less, if this is how it is going to be, just ask the moderators to come in, perform maintenance and leave.

So, make a post in the PM thread asking for thread maintenance and a mod will respond to your needs.

Edit: This is the part of their reasoning I disagree with:

In my humble opinion just as a person has the right to remove themselves from a PM thread, the thread-maker should retain control over who is involved in the discussion they have started.

They also are not aware of some of our special needs in particular for private testing. An author should not have control of their test taken away due to some “philosophical design criteria” or best programming belief.





Someone has obviously never private tested a game.

lol @Eiwynn you took the criticisms right out of my mouth! I can see why this (lack of a) feature would be in, say, a social media platform, but a forum isn’t like that. It has vastly different needs and requirements, depending on what it is that you’re running it for. And ours especially needs the ability to add and remove people, but oh well.

I suppose my question has been answered. Thank you, @Lan! And again to you, @Eiwynn for your suggestion.