Ad-based entirely or free first two chapters only?

Assuming the game has high replayability, I believe there’s an option of providing one playthrough for free, then charging for unlimited playthroughs.

That is rather…interesting.
Indeed @adrao’s game can be replayed multiple times, which would be interesting

I prefer to buy outright, though CoG/HG’s recent release spell has me lagging behind on purchasing due to lack of funds, I’ll pick everything up eventually.

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I can’t tell you what will make the most money. I can tell you what my preferred option is though. I much prefer to pay one price, up front, and then just enjoy my game. Anything that would make me wait, or pay to continue the story I’m reading would severely reduce my enjoyment of the game or story. There are a few other apps that make you do that, and sometimes I do pay, but more often than not I just walk away.


I am not an expert or anything but is all about what do you want. More publicity to your other works. due this being ad means more people will try out and maybe become a fan of your work and buy the others. Or normal and gain probably more that anything you have made until now. Due this is a real popular genre, and you did a massive working to create a very compelling and replay value work. It is totally up to you. I personally wil buy anyway for supporting you. But Being totally sincere and I won’t know you… I prefer pay upfront It feels better to me.

As long as you feel you can get a sense of the game and how decent and flexible it is from the first 2-3 chapters I would say go for that format, ads just get annoying in my opinion. If you have a good starting point people will buy it, I am sure.

Ads pay almost nothing. Trust me, I see it on my royalty reports every month. If you enjoy earning less than $100 a year, go with ads only.


There’s no money from the ads themselves, no.

The question is, can a game that is free-to-win find a substantially larger readership (a la Grand Tournament) to the extent that enough readers produces enough buyers who will pay to turn the ads off.

It worked for GT.


Just wondering how games to pay to skip or turn off wait timers at the end of a game or between chapters do by comparison to ganes where you pay to turn off ads if you don’t mind me asking? (Or is it really variable?)