Acronyms and slang meanings

As a new user/member of not only Choice of Games and its forum, but interactive fiction in general, I have found that with this awesome community comes it’s own lingo. It can be quite overwhelming for new users, at least it was for me.

Therefore, my hopes in creating this thread is to help new users like me dive right in by providing acronyms and slang that I often come across.

I hope you can add to the list as well!

This is what I’ve gathered so far:

CoG = Choice of Games
HG = Hosted Games
IF = interactive fiction
IFcomp = The Interactive Fiction Competition
CS = ChoiceScript
CSIDE or ChoiceScript IDE= ChoiceScript Integrated Development Environment
MC = main character
Li or LI = love interest
RO = romantic option
WIP = work in progress
Dashingdon = person but also domain for hosting your games

What acronyms/slang did you have trouble with when you first started?


CYOA = Choose Your Own Adventure.

PC = Player Character.

Only two additions, but still.


Thanks for adding those! I remember looking up CYOA on google when I came across it the first couple times. Can’t believe I forgot that one!! :joy:

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Adding on to the PC, NPC is Non-Player-Character


True, but I haven’t seen that being used on the forums. They’re usually just called characters.

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I’m going to put this one here.


IAP - in app purchase

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Should w add the commonly seen shortenings for the individual games too?

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That would be super helpful! I haven’t been around long enough to know them, which is why I haven’t added them xD

Here’s what often see (and use):

Choice of Romance: Romance, CoR
-;- the Dragon: Dragon, CoD
-;- the Cat: Cat
Heroes Rise: HR
The Hero Project: THP
Hero Unmasked!: Unmasked, HeUn
Superlative: Aetherfall: Superlative, Aetherfall, Aether.
Academy for Supervillains: Academy

Community College Hero: CCH
Fallen Hero: FH

Model Citizen: Citizen

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Could also add some sexualities and gender specific terms in there too.

I.e NB= Non-Binary
Cishet= Cisgendered Heterosexual

Folks like to mention those in wip discussions and reviews.


ZE: Zombie Exodus
ZE:SH: Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven

And, one of the less obvious ones…

XoR: Choice of Rebels

(I guess since CoR can also mean… well, not just Choice of Romance, there’s also Choice of Robots…)

I’d also suggest putting the acronyms on the first post in alphabetical order :slight_smile: will be easier to look stuff up that way.


Choice of Robots I’ve seen as ‘Robots’ before.