It would also seem that the activation is invalid… I tried;

*achievement name_of_achievement

To activate it. But that didn’t work, apparently that’s the equivalent of *create, it says it can only be used in startup.

I also tried;

*set achievement name_of_achievement true


*achievement name_of_achievement true

But neither worked, so now I’m stumped.


Do something like this in startup.txt:

*achievement wolf visible 10 Wolf
   You befriended a wolf.
   Befriend a wolf.

then use this where you want to achieve it:

*achieve wolf


Ah, *achieve, that’s a whole nother bunch of bananas. :smiley: Seems so obvious in retrospect, but there you go. Thank you CJW. :slight_smile: Now it works.


@MutonElite originally, you were right. But after initial implementation, Dan swapped it. Pre-earned text goes first.


@jasonstevanhill Oh? That must have been after I downloaded then, because on mine, the pre-earned is last. Good to know.


Does the visible part of the achievement creation just decide whether or not you see it even if you haven’t got the achievement yet?


No one seems to have answered my question. To repeat it, if I used the achievement commands in my WIP and published a beta for PC, would it work?


Correct, so there is no pre-earned text for a hidden achievement.
It’ll only appear in the tab once it’s earned.

They’ll work on any platform but I doubt they’ll persist between sessions (your players will likely lose their achievements when they close the browser).




What if I’m using the save plugin? When I load a saved game, I’d still have all the achievements I unlocked upto that save point, right?


Sorry, I missed this earlier (only saw it as I came back to reference something else).
Yes - I *think* you would retain achievements with the save plugin, I haven’t tested it though, so don’t hold me to it.


@CJW no, switch those two descriptions.


Ah, yes - Dan swapped it didn’t he - my bad, fixed thanks :slight_smile:


*achievement imp_slayer visible 10 Imp Slayer
  Kill an Imp
  You slew a helpless Imp

*achieve imp_slayer


Seems I am doing something wrong
On the starup page after *create have been done I put.

*achievement Imp Slayer 1
 10 imp1
  Slain a helpless Imp
  Killer of the hapless

Then on pcsetup page I put

*achieve imp1

I have this in dropbox
Then I run the page and get the following error as the page loads up.
Cannot read property of “1”
Any ideas what I am doing wrong thanks.


Awesome it now works Thank you @CJW and @jasonstevanhill :smiley:


How do you make the achievements appear in the stats section, the way it is in Mecha Ace?


If you create an achievement in startup, that will create a button leading to a section for them.


That is great! Thanks for your answer, @MutonElite.


@Mayday Np. :slight_smile: