Achievements Testing

Hey, Choice of Romance fans! Are you playing on iOS? Are you logged into Game Center? Been racking up the achievements?

We are absolutely sure that all but five of our achievements fire at the right places in 'Til Death Do Us Part. We are almost sure that the final five do as well, but they’re tough to get to, so we would appreciate confirmation that someone has actually reached them.

If you have reached:

  • The Rightful Heir
  • The Heir Presumptive
  • Live and Let Die
  • For My Children
  • A Little Bird Told Me

please let us know by commenting here, and the next version of 'Til Death Do Us Part will include your name/screen-name in the credits! To be clear, by “reached” we mean actually received the achievement. We know you can get to the place in the game where the achievement should fire, but we want to confirm that the achievements are working properly.

Adam, Dan, and Heather

I’ve gotten the “Live and Let Die” achievement.

I’ve gotten

-Live and Let Die
-For My Children

How do you pm someone on this site? I’m new to this whole online forum things.

Click on that person’s icon and a summary box will open. Then, on the upper right, a blue link named: “message” will be there. Click on that and the pm form will open up for you to fill in as you desire with title and body of the PM. then click on “Message” at the bottom and you create a pm thread.