Achievement Tab doesn't work on Windows XP

Hello everyone,

Sorry if this has been posted somewhere else, I looked for it but the search system ins’t really accurate. If there is another discussion of the same nature, please let me know.

So I just recently bought HeroFall and Life of a Mobster on the Chrome Web Store, and I just noticed that the achievements tab doesn’t work. I click on it and nothing happens. What is most curious about this is that the achievement tab in the demo version on the CoG website works, the tab works on Windows 7 as well, the tab works on Steam, just not on Windows XP Chrome browser.

Now, this isn’t particularly critical, but I like to run these games on Windows XP, and they used to work, but now they do no longer. The achievements tab doesn’t work on other games which happen to have it as well, like MechaAce, but it used to.

Does anyone have any idea of what might have happened? Have it happened to anyone else?

I have noticed this as well on my chrome cog games. I run it on Windows 7 & 8. Achievement tabs don’t seem to function on any of the games I have. Not sure exactly what is causing it. The achievement notifications pop up, though.

Hello Saerise,
I just tried them on Windows 7 and it seems they stopped working here as well… I didn’t expect that. Anyway, perhaps someone else might know the source of the problem, but my guess is at the engine itself.

Thanks for sharing.

I think it might have to do with it being from the Chrome webstore. That is where I purchase these games as well.

we’re pushing a patch to fix the Achievements issue in Mobster and HeroFall for Chrome right now. Let us know if it fixes things for you.

Hi Jason,

I’m not sure how to know that the applications have been updated… I logged in the Chrome Web Store and tried launching them from there, to see if this hints me at anything, but I found nothing.

If the update is automated, say as soon as I log in the Chrome, then the update hasn’t fixed the issue yet. In every game that I have which has Achievements tab, it doesn’t work.

Let me know if there is anything I can help with in order to fix this.

I’ve also noticed the lack of an Achivements bar in games I’ve got lately like Necromancer and Mobster, so it’s definitely still an issue.

EDIT: For the record I was using Chrome with Windows Vista on my laptop.

I’m happy to say that Heroes Rise: The Prodigy, The Hero Project, and HeroFall, together with Life of a Mobster all have their achievements tab working correctly now (Or at least, showing up, I don’t know about properly handling the achievements). However, Mecha Ace and Tin Star’s tab is not.

Also, Choice of the Star Captain no longer have a Restart button, and the stats tab does not have a Return to the Game button.