A Walk in the Park - WIP

I’ve been a lurker for a few years now, and I’ve always loved the idea of interactive novels. Unfortunately, I am a complete beginner at coding, and too busy and lazy to learn any extremely complex techniques so I decided to do a kind of starter game just for fun. Feel free to leave feedback. I’ve got the majority of the endings planned out, but if you have a cool idea for a crazy ending or death scene, feel free to mention it! The plot is very loose so I can fit just about anything in.

There will be no stats, no customisation, basically exactly like a digital choose your own adventure book. Each playthrough will range anywhere from 1 minute for a death scene to ten minutes for an ending, probably, depending on how you fast you read. Also lots of snarky narrator and breaking the fourth wall. This is meant to be a pretty comedic and meta game so if you play the demo and don’t like my humour - I don’t know why you wouldn’t, I think I’m pretty hilarious - then this game might not be for you, since comedy’s really all there is to it, to be honest.

The plot is about you getting lost in the park. I’m planning around 100 fairly detailed endings, a lot of death scenes and tons of wackiness so there should be lots of replayability. Literally every choice you make will change the story in a huge way. You’ll be presented with four choices each time: one of the choices will lead to an ending, two will lead to another choice, and the last one will lead to a death scene. I like to think that in the final product, the ending you get first is your official ending.

You can’t customise the protagonist, but some endings they’re male, some they’re female, and most are mostly gender-neutral so you can imagine whatever you want. There is romance, since I’m a sucker for a good love story, but the romance is interwoven into some endings and you’re more along for the ride than directly interacting with the plot - this applies to the entire game.

Here’s the link to the demo: https://dashingdon.com/go/5725

I have more endings written - around 20k right now - but it’ll probably take me a while to code them in since I’m really meant to be studying for some major exams right now, but I’m a huge procrastinator. Hope you’re entertained for at least a few minutes!

There are currently 6 endings and 6 death scenes in the demo.


This sounds interesting,I’ll give it a go.

So I’m an intergalactic warrior. I will try and discover every ending and death.

Oh gosh. So I got the ghostly love ending, because of course even when I reach the end I die. :joy: This is cute, and entertaining, and I definitely see how this is more like the CYOA books than the usual CoG fare.

It’s wacky and sometimes absurd and I enjoy that humor a lot. Looking forward to playing through other paths now.

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The writing is VERY strong and VERY confident, so two thumbs up from me :+1: :+1:

It was also incredibly fun to see a Time Cave story!

Literally, my only complaint is that my path (sandwich + secret agent) didn’t have a written ending in place :cry:

Thank you! Yeah, I’ve got a lot of weird endings in mind. These first few endings are actually pretty tame compared to what’s coming, haha. Glad you enjoyed it! I think my biggest worry was it just wouldn’t be very entertaining. Since there aren’t many choices available, the main thing people would be sticking around for would be the writing.

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My advice is to get a full first draft written and then update the WIP, but you’re off to a VERY strong start :alien: !

I have no idea what I just read, but good job!
I definitely didn’t expect to make out with a dragon.

So, I have an alien wife, huh? I… Love this WIP! Good job! I’m sooo curious about that purple baby on that superhero route. I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next update!
Edit bcs: I really want to romance that super villain who’s in prison

I entered a relationship with a dragon, and became a dragon lord. Impressive.

Suggested ending: You find a lottery ticket blowing on the wind that turns out to be the big winner.

Suggested death: While heading home to register your big win and claim your prize, you forget to look both ways (there is a choice to look or not look) and are hit by a car. You are pronounced DOA at the hospital.

Ooh, I like the death idea. I did think about adding a winning the lottery ending but it probably wouldn’t fit with the rest of the out there endings I have. Plus, I just wouldn’t know what to write other than you spending money, haha.

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