A Specter Over Kilerth [1 Chapter, 10k Words]

That’s me working on Chapter 1, though I’m not going to post it on the demo until it’s complete.

Oh I see.
What does corporeal/incorporeal mean by the way?

There are going to be three types of magic for you to choose from.

1.) Illusion: you will have clairvoyance; the ability to create illusions; and the ability to read minds for a short period of time.
2.) Incorporeal: the ability to manipulate yourself and things around you by magical means. You will be able to use kinesis; teleport short distances; and create sonic frequencies that can make people feel disorientated and sick.
3.) Corporeal: the ability to change your own physicality. You will be able to slowly freeze objects or people with your touch; turn transparent for ten seconds at a time; and turn invulnerable for ten seconds at a time.


Would Illusions and reading minds work on things like undead and ghosts?
Also does kinesis mean telekinesis or all kinetic abilities in general like manipulating the elements?

They can, though they would be more resistant to them.

In this case, it’s just levitation and pushing or pulling things unnaturally.

Is…is it good if the stuff you’re planning for your book is so creepy that it keeps you up at night? ._.


Will there be some spirit possession in this story, just checking!

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It’s very likely, though I haven’t planned anything like that concretely yet.


Normally, I like to release chapters in their entirety, but I’ve decided to extend the teaser by a bit to showcase the atmosphere I’m going for. This brings the demo’s word count to 4k, though I don’t plan on releasing non-full-chapter updates after this.

That said, I hope you enjoy! Feedback, comments, typo spotting, and bug spotting are much appreciated as always.


Oh geez, I thought I was gonna be sick when Envy pulled out her own tooth. Just reminds you how terrifying the world was before modern dentistry.


was it really just a cioncidence, or was there something unnatural behind it?

Also ew that just decreased my relationship with envy by tens. Can you add choices to address that barbarian and make mean snarky remarks about her?

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Thanks, I’ll fix that.

If I didn’t make it clear enough in the story, she didn’t actually do that; it was a hallucination brought on by Blihja.


Ah okay gotta be more attentive sorry :persevere:


What kind of magic did you choose to have?

  • Incorporeal: kinesis, teleportation, and disorientating sonic frequencies
  • Corporeal: ice touch, invulnerability, and transparency
  • Illusion: clairvoyance, illusions, and mind-reading

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Illusion magic all the way!


I’ve been making tons of progress on The Enchanter’s Misery, everyone. I wrote 6.5k in the last three days, which is more than I’ve done since…well, January. :stuck_out_tongue: But I plan on releasing the full Chapter 1 in the next week or so.


Chapter 1 is now complete, everyone! This updated added 11k to the demo, bringing the total word count to 15k. Several new characters have been introduced, and more plot arcs begin to bud.

As always, feedback/comments/typo spotting/bug spotting are much appreciated. I hope you enjoy.


There’s a weird sentence about the guards.

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Who are your favorite characters?

  • Blihja
  • Oztiax
  • Skarro
  • Envy
  • Zendi
  • Elder Kendela
  • Captain Durj
  • Weden
  • Cazius
  • Krow

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Is “Type of Enchanter” in the stat screen supposed to be corporeal/incorporeal/illusion, or something else?

Also, we haven’t actually met all those characters yet, have we? Did I miss stuff?

Yeah the stats screen just has “?” Next to enchanter type

I guess we’ll see the characters in the next update?