A little help with Choicescript please?



If you open up notepad++ first you should be able to load up the files from inside there. That’s what I usually do.


I have Notepad++ open- the problem is that I don’t know how to load the files.

Do I click on “load session” or something?


Oh that’s the bit that’s outdated. If you got that far I think you can stop. To make scenes now you do it in startup.txt

You create a notepad file in the web/mygame/scenes folder with the name of the scene you want, like say myscene.txt (the txt is automatically added). Then in startup you do


in the order the scenes come in. Have a look at
https://www.choiceofgames.com/showdown-at-willow-creek/scenes/ and https://www.choiceofgames.com/showdown-at-willow-creek/scenes/startup.txt

(ignore the json files you won’t have those in your folder).


Eek never mind, I didn’t quite get what you meant.


Just file>open then browse to the scenes folder and you can open files in there to look at them. And you can also save files in there too. Everything’s done in that scenes folder.


I’m having a little trouble making a new file, so I’m just going to substitute one of the ones I don’t need and use that for now.


Question: Where do I put the scene list? After or before I write the story?


The scene list goes in startup.txt It should be right at the top. Have a look at the way Willow Creek does it.

A new file is just a txt file in the scenes folder. What are you finding difficult?


I’m having trouble making a new file for some reason. It doesn’t give me the option.

So do you think it’ll be alright if I continue doing my work on the Notepad++?

I’ll go look over Willow Creek’s start-up and see what I can learn from it.


Make a new file, name it, save it and put the file name in your scenes list. Notepad++ automatically makes the new file a .txt file.

You want a scene where the MC is eating pancakes.
You’d make a file called “mceatspancakes”, fill it with some sort of code;
eg in eg,
You eat the pancakes, gobbling down every morsel greedily.
Then you’d save the file, go to startup.txt and place the mceatspancakes file in the scene list somewhere before the ending. Or before, it doesn’t really matter. BUT DON’T MAKE IT BEFORE THE STARTUP FILE!


Yeah keep doing your work in notepad++ It’s just File>New and then File>Save_As and you make sure you’re in the right folder and just call it your scene name.


Alright, thanks. Right now I’m following loosely off Willow Creek’s, format.

What kind of code?

So each time you make a scene, you have to open up a file, name it, and put whatever in it?


Any ChoiceScript code can go in the document, it doesn’t matter.


I don’t know what a Choicescript code looks like.

Is it like the title name or something?


https://www.choiceofgames.com/showdown-at-willow-creek/scenes/startup.txt is choicescript code


Oh, so it’s just the title.


I have a question. When I am done with all of my scenes, how do I compile them together and make it playable?


there are playable since you got some label lol you dont have to do nothing more click index.html in firefox please read the page info


Oh well…oops. xp


Question: Do you need to seperate your startup from the story with a special type of code?

For example, in Willow Creek, it has this after the startup:

*temp buck
*set buck 50

Is that just for that game or is there something that I need to put in my game?