A Gay Romance WIP, interest check

I’ve been thinking about writing a choice game that is based completely on guys.
I have the original story written to four chapters currently but I haven’t developed it into anything in particular.

It’s about a young guy (probably 16 - 18, TBC) who has a less than normal dream about a certain guy from a downtown nightclub. The dream leads to certain other things in the boy’s life that change and shape his final years as a young adult, for better or for worse: the choice is yours.

As you progress through the story you discover secrets, love, lies and a sinister plot brewing in the heart if the Downtown district…

Gender locked male story with the planned eventual choice of five ROs.
Be a strong popular Jock, a young “mad” scientist, a bookworm, a top athletics student or a drama student.
Find love and learn what you can about your friends…and enemies…

This story will contain a few mature scenes that won’t be suitable for younger readers.

Please note that this is only an idea so any feedback or potential ideas from anyone so I can develop this story would be great.

Any questions in regards to this possible WIP please PM me or post on this thread. Which ever is easiest. :laughing:


I assume from the title you mean that the MC will be gender locked and not that the entire story contains no females? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I dunno man, I think it might be a LGBT story based on the premise. I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you


I was thinking the same thing but I didn’t want to presume…

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:notes:Give me Gay! Give me gaaay! If it’s straight I’ll voote 'nay!:notes:
-Me as Elsa

Jk I’m sure it’ll be fine if there are female RO’s, buuuuuut, every CoG I’ve played I’ve had a gay man.


i blame you for making me laughing out loud :rofl:


You’re right of course. There will be females in the story but none of them will be romancable. I know that might be a shame for some but I’ve been working on it for some time now (still working around the kinks of coding and all that other stuff) and thus far all romance options are male, and that’s how I intend for it to stay.


Based on the premise…
Couod you give me an insight as to what you mean?

Interesting. Sounds fun.

I understand what you mean but as far as I’m concerned there’ll be no female RO’s. Not because I’m sexist but because I think that having a choice game with only male ROs would be a good idea.


I support it! Do whatever you wanna do man. Plus I never say no to gay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and the world could always use more gay

I would think it’s a little better to have the MC’s age probably be a bit older, depending on what you imagine might happen to him. Especially if it’s mature. Collage-aged might be nice. 18-22?

And what genre(s) do you intend for this to be?


If I got it right from the OP the game is about the MC realising he might be interested in guys instead of girls “as he should be”. If so then I think the age 16-18 is perfect. I mean most people do start to think more about these stuff when they are teenaged.


I can’t speak for OP’s intent on having a younger age. But I will say that your last statement is not entirely true. Some people realize they’re gay from day one, others in highschool, some in college, some when they’re married to someone else. Some the day they retire. Its different for everyone. No two people have the same coming out story, or the same realization. If the OP wanted a coming-of-age “oh snap I’m gay” story, then that’s fine! I simply mean to say that you never need to say that someone realizes they’re gay when they’re teenaged because that’s not the case for every one. I wouldn’t even say it’s the majority of people.

I didn’t realize I was gay until I graduated college—i had suspected, but never truly gave it thought. My professor realized he was gay when he was married to a woman and had kids. There are more factors that go into it.


Sorry for the misunderstanding. In my sentence about the age I didn’t exactly mean the realisation that about being gay. I meant most people start to think about attraction to other people at that age. And if you are aware at that age about your homosexuality that can just make things even more awkward… Or maybe I’m just on that opinion bc of my own experiences.


Haha I might have misunderstood then. I work and volunteer in the LGBT community. In my experience talking to numerous people, most think about same-sex attraction younger than 16-18. At 13, or 7, even. Again, it’s a different story for everyone. I don’t think it’s fair to say that having the character be 16-18 makes sense just because people think about same-sex attraction at those ages, because that’s simply not true. We have have our own experiences and that’s fine :slight_smile:

But also idk what the OP had intended and I’m getting off topic lol


It’s okay. I tend to get awkward talking about these stuff… So yea, best to drop it.


Something tells me that a lot of these are going to be coming soon…

And that’s totally okay with me. :sunglasses:


The premise? The background? the setting? the synopsis? the summary? the introduction? what the author literally says?

I’m not sure what you are asking for exactly. If you mean why I think it might be a LGBT story( the title of the post was something less descriptive before), then there’s literally a quote I used in my comment

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I would totally read this. #GayPride

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This game seems like it would be really good. it seems to be a gay romance game with other important storylines. And while some people may be turned away from this game, others will be attracted to it for the same reason. And if the writing is good they will come. I know some people that hate genderlocked games play a study in steampunk because it’s that good.

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