A couple questions


Ok, I’m new to the whole coding thing, and I have a few questions.
One: Am I supposed to use a different document in TextEdit for each scene? And how do I do that?
Two: If I want the player to be able to type in their name and have it appear in the story, how would I do that?
Three: For attributes, if you just want the number to add to their original score for that attribute, how would I code that?
Thanks for your help!


You can technically do a lot in startup.txt, but if you are going from scene to scene to scene without any real desire to go back to previous scenes then it will probably make it easier to create a different document, yes.

There is a scenes folder and so you will basically make the scene in there and then you would choose *goto_scene nameofscene

The best wisdom for anything in coding your game (as I have discovered) is to use the wikia.

So for instance if you’re looking into inputting text for your character’s name you might want to check:

As for attributes, those are going to be variables which you’ll want to check here:


That should get you on the right direction I think. Sometimes it’s easiest to figure things out yourself than to have someone tell you cause (at least for me) getting from point A to C is pretty hard without the middle part that develops an understanding as to how I actually got there.




Just be aware that some of the articles on the wiki are out of date. We are no longer using mygame.js for variable and scene-list creation. All of that is done in startup.txt now. They pinned a thread about it a while ago when they made the change, but it seems to be gone now…


@Saracenar The Wiki has been revised & updated a great deal over the past few months and there shouldn’t still be much out of date (especially any reference to mygame.js - which was indeed a major overhaul). The main article in its place is now:

If anyone does spot anything still in need of updating or adding (or perhaps have a suggestion for improvement) they should feel free to mention it here in the forum’s own Wiki thread:


@Vendetta Oh, awesome! I usually have the wiki open while I’m working but I stick to specific articles, so I hadn’t noticed. Guess I should check before saying those things in the future.


@Saracenar No worries - there’s no denying it had lapsed into a poor state for quite a few months, with some Admins being MIA and others heavily focused on their own WIPs, but it should now once again be a useful (and usable) community resource. :slight_smile:


@Vendetta I still found it usable while it was out of date, I just had to keep in mind that that was the case :wink: