3-HOUR game jam on Saturday 1 August

A few mad souls are interested in doing a three-hour game jam. Here’s where we’ll talk about it (as opposed to the other threads focused on a three-day jam on the second weekend in August).

@FairyGodfeather will announce a theme at midday their timezone (which I’ll edit in here as soon as I know it).

Given that it’s so short, Sunday 2 August is edit/proofread/debug/code day (ie you can play even if you can’t code - just find someone to code for you on the Sunday), and all games should be submitted that day!

PS I thought I already started this thread, but I lost it somehow. VERY sorry if I’ve duplicated.

THIS is the real one.

I am not organising a game jam on the 1st of August. That was never listed as a date of consideration. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have two game jams that close to each other. I had thought that we were still in the process of discussing things.

I’m locking this thread. Please no one contact me about game jams.

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