1-2-3! (Wrestling CYOA) First Release [Developing]

Mind you, I may have forgotten if you included it in your traits, but it might be a good idea to include amateur wrestler/MMA as well, given the past and recent history in that regard.

I don’t see why I would mind, lol. It’s not like I have a patent on jobbers. I don’t even know anything about wrestling except through IFs.

That’s actually what the ex-athlete trait is going to be once I implement it! MMA background cause I don’t know shit bout amateur wrestling lol

In my defence, I assumed ex-athlete to be College Football/NFL/NBA/Athletics/etc… and MMA would be seperate.

As for Amateur Wrestling, it’s mainly Greeco-Roman i.e. holds and grappling and, if I recall correctly, catch wrestling…correction, the term is Catch-as-Catch-can but the current one is Freestyle.

(Also, per wikipedia, both do grapplings, but differenc is Greco-Roman doesn’t allow for holds below the waist and therefore there’s more lifting and throwing…being truthfully, wouldn’t be sure if Kurt Angle was Greco-Roman or Freestyle or probably dabbled in both)

But yeah, the main benefit of having those traits is, aside from from a proficiency in technical wrestler, those guys are technically a few who can do shoots whilst still making it seem like a work for obvious reasons.

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He took gold medal in freestyle wrestling in 1996 Olympics if I remember the year right so it’s most likely freestyle that he does. And MMA counts as a professional sport in the US and internationally so ex-athele would fit it well and most wrestlers with that background usually had some dabbling in MMA or US football.

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Like I said, thought it was seperate, no other reason.

Gotcha, weirdly never did check what category he was in when looking at him. But yeah, couple of old time wrestlers were proficient in Greco-Roman, so would be a neet trait to have as a wrestler, especially for, as I said, the extra technician or shoot abilities.

As one last add on, if ChoiceClaw so wishes, he can expand on the ex-athlete after choosing it to decide which one we were, if MMA isn’t enough.

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I’m not sure if shoot would work because I don’t know if you’re aware of the backstage details (forgive me if you do) but a shoot means it’s all for real, fighting or cutting a promo and it’s usually frowned upon and will catch you heat backstage unless it’s for ratings or gives you good storyline material by the top dogs.

But being an ex-athlete definitely should bump the technician up, I agree on that part. There are several good examples of that such as Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Eddie Guerrero and current ones like Matt Riddle and Bobby Lashley.

I know about shoots, but in the old times, there were shooters which meant you’d use legitmate holds in case you sense a double cross or if someone wasn’t willing to do business i.e. surrender a title and promoters needed someone experience to get the title the hard way.

I’ll admit, not suggesting do so often cause yeah, in modern times, people are less likely to backstab or they will do what’s right for business (forgive the adage). That said, you can use the shoot abilities as a “get out of jail quick” card or choice in this case.

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It’s true! It’s true!

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Perc Angle in TNA was the best Kurt Angle. Can’t change my mind on that.

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Its about damn time. @grunt317, @Elseguard and I have been annoying thread after thread with wrestletalk, that something like this was clearly sorely needed. Its time for another proper wrestling CYOA, so much so that a lot of eyes will be on this, I assure you. Will be rootin’ for ya, and I’ll be back with feedback soon.

Oh yeah!


Just wanted to check instead of doing it, but would you like any grammatical corrections posted? I noticed a grammatical error in one of the first few paragraphs and figured I’d ask.

Soon every jobber in town will fear Hulk Krogan and his leg drop headbutt of doom.


Whatcha gonna do, sibling, when all the Kroganiacs run amok on you?


The ironic thing is Grunt, if he decides to not do a job, a wrestler will take one look at him and go “You know what, I agree with him, I do not want to fight him.” Instead of, you know, politicking his way.


gasp Mass Effect references… you guys just made my day

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@ChoiceClaw229 I’m gonna be honest, this game has potential. With some solid polish, I can see how impressive the end product could be.

The stats are nice, although currently bugged. I enjoyed being able to mix high-flying with technical, as is my preferred style. They just need a good explanatory passage or two for our wrestling-challenged cohorts who might play this.

The characters were colorful and varied. My favorite so far is definitely Ven. That’s a badass name, and her Alexa Bliss-like gimmick is relevant and immediately recognizable to younger fans. I am probably most curious about her romance since I’m assuming she’s a way different person underneath the MJF-level kayfabe. I lowkey want her as a manager, that would be quite fitting.

The intro scene was pretty okay, but there were way too many options to shake someone’s hand. I know that’s how it can be in real life, but it became repetitive fast and therefore gave the prose an awkward feel. This section needs a rewrite to smooth it out and clean up the choices a bit.

Dialogue so far is pretty okay, as well. Remember to give your characters more than one mannerism so they’re not doing the same thing over and over like a video game NPC.

No real action yet, so I don’t have much to say on choreography and move choices.

The references were well-written and golden.

All in all, this is definitely a fairly solid start. It feels like you know what you wanna do with it, and it caught my attention enough. I would say don’t focus on stats too much and try to keep things relatively simple for your first story. Of course, it’s wrestling, so any true fan will be expecting wrestling-level craziness, but your mechanics and coding don’t have to follow that, if you catch my meaning. Don’t compare this game to Slammed! or anything, and just have fun.

Good work so far, friend.