ZOMB | Last Update: 8/4/2018

@VioletHikari: I’m not confirming what your relationship to Val will be.

@Shoelip: That is completely intentional. That’s the way Val interpreted the events that happened.

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You kind of already confirmed our potential relationship with Val on your first post:

See? I’m just asking if there are others aside from our spouse and Val.

Feel free to read into that all you want, it’s a totally general statement. And whether there are more ROs cannot be confirmed nor denied.


This is the main problem I have with forced SOs: you can’t get with anyone else without cheating on them… :sweat:

That said, why would anyone leave Mike for Val? :confused:


Really interesting game you have here. I love the Significant Other, and everything seems very realistic! As far as ‘cheating’ goes - I have absolutely no empathy for Val, at this moment at least. As far as I’m aware, we peacefully and very passively entered a city that isn’t even gated off, and got a giant mob sicc’d on us haha. Then she had the gall to act all high and mighty about it as if she hadn’t completely overreacted.

That’s not me bashing the characterization itself, of course! Val just doesn’t seem likeable at all to me. Hopefully we see a more rational side of her later on, though.


Well I hope at least that soldier appreciates the pains I took to not kill her while she was standing in the middle of the road shooting at us. :angry:


Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all the kind words and the overwhelmingly positive reception for the game. Getting such a strong opening like this really boosted my morale and motivated me to write, and all of your feedback gave me plenty of ideas on where I want to take the story. Plus, I think we have a very lengthy and very fun first chapter in store…


Stay tuned for a positively brutal update coming in the near future! :smirk:


Hopefully we get to kill Val.

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Hello everyone! Sorry for suddenly dropping off the map, real life caught up to me once the semester kicked in fully and I lost a lot of writing motivation. But, in the past few days, I’ve managed to pound out the remaining text and polish up the game a bit, and now you can play all the way to the end of Chapter 1! Follow the link in the first post to check it out.

Most of the changes involved rethinking the workroom scene towards the end to make it a bit more realistic. Originally I had multiple dialogue trees for talking with Leon that took forever to make even a tiny amount of progress on, all of which I scrapped in favor of a single medium-length conversation that determines whether you can convince him to trust you. It felt a lot more earnest and believable, and led to a much more satisfying conclusion.

I also removed or altered a significant amount of cursing from the game to make it a little more palatable to people who aren’t comfortable with foul language. There’s still some here and there, but it should be a lot less abundant than it was before, and it should feel earned in the places that it occurs.

Please let me know what you think! I’m excited to hear feedback on the new content. :smile:


Hey, we get free entertainment, you take however much time you need. Real life happens. :man_shrugging:

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Hey y’all, brief update. Fixed a minor conditional issue following Val leaving the storage room.

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I plan to do that the first chance I get.

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Oh my god, I already love this and am so looking forward to more. Really digging the surviving-the-apocalypse-with-an-already-established-partner thing.

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When I get the chance cherly is going to die

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You’re probably the first person to say this. Out of curiosity, why do you want to kill her?

She seems such a loose canon and would be a bad group member I have a bad feeling she will end up being a bad guy I hope there a option to kill her I’m not sure if mike is the same

You mean she was pissed and angry that she and her spouse were attacked for no reason, hanged upside down and possibly beaten.

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I suppose she could be viewed as a bad guy depending on how you interpret her behavior. Your perspective is actually interesting and I’ll keep it in mind when I’m writing the RO’s behavior. Basically the one tip I give for this game is: you get what you give. In most situations, the PC is initiating the approach and that affects how characters react, so most players will get different reactions based on their combination of choices.

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