WW2 Story - European Theater (Idea)

I’ve already decided on a WW2 era story, focusing on the western European theater. You play as yourself, as a member of the United States military. You begin as a standard infantry, but you could progress up the ranks, or possibly wind up in a specialized division(such as the 1st Infantry Division).

I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the other war stories on this site, and I’m trying to make an original and immersive experience for the reader. Thoughts?


I love the idea. The first questions that come to mind are how much time do you have to move up the ranks, and what’s the highest rank you can earn during the story?


Not sure as of yet, but have you ever played “Somme Trench”? It was a WW1 game, and the highest rank I earned over my many times of playing the story, was Sergeant. I’m not sure exactly how high you can go, but I’m guessing maybe around Lieutenant?

It all depends on the things you do that determine if and how soon you get promoted. Such as doing honorable tasks, and “going beyond the call of duty” or something like that.

It’s in the “planning” phase at the moment, so any updates I have will be posted here.


I would be interested in playing any Choice of Games WW2 era game. The history buff in me is excited. Have you thought of which campaigns and battles that game would encompass? Also, have you thought of a division or outfit for the MC?—Pauly

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I love these type of game! I love history so much and I’m just so hyped. :slight_smile:

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I’d be more than interested in this Game! I love the idea!

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Nice idea, although it would be nice if you could pick your country in the Allies and play a British, Canadian or French soldier and what theater in Europe you’re getting involved in (Italy was a major battleground as well as France and Germany).


Sounds great we need another ww2 story only one problem

The Big Red 1 while having a great reputation was not a specialized unit, an example of one would be the 101st airborne or the Ranger Regiments. However I would be against the possibility of changing units because they all experienced the war differently adding a lot to your plate. My suggestion to u would be have the MC in one division and which one u pick will affect the story drastically.


I’ve been contemplating which nation you could be serving as, and I’ve decided on nations from both sides, Axis and Allies.

For example, in the beginning, during the character introduction/creation, you’d determine which nation you’d be shedding blood for. The only catch is that it must be part of the European Theater.

The risk stays the same, but uniforms change.


At the moment, I’ve decided that the player will choose which nation they fight for. This will be posed in the intro of the story. But it will be on the Western area(i.e, American, British, Canadian, French, German, etc.)

The division will vary, but I’ve decided on infantry being the main focus. Other forms of warfare will be apparent, but the player will only be a standard soldier.

Names options will change as well, according to the nation you play as.


That sounds great, it’s good to give the reader the opportunity to play as their country or ideal side. I would assume of course that you have to write things quite differently if you’re an Axis character.

Are you starting from the Italian and French invasions of '43/44 or are you planning to go earlier and have the Dunkirk and German advance stuff in 1940 too?

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This will take place around the time the United States entered the war. So, sometimes after D-Day occurs.

British and Canadian troops will be placed somewhere else in the Western Front, I haven’t gotten all the details decided as of yet.

French troops, I believe, will probably be hanging about once the Allies have properly pushed the Germans back far enough that France will have regained their fighting spirit. But no Partisan forces that will be playable.

I’m planning to have some forced conscription be an option(i.e, French soldier/civilian forcefully drafted into German ranks), but that’s up to the reader.

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So after June 1944 then, gotcha. Probably a good idea to study where the different infantry groups were historically situated after the Normandy Invasion and their specific objectives. Yeah, there would be the Free French forces who escaped at Dunkirk under De Gaulle, not sure when and if they arrived back in France themselves as the Normandy landings were a set of five separate assaults with American, British and Canadian forces, not sure if the Free French attacked too off my head.

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Let’s say you play as a Italian and since im assuming this will be historically accurate will the game end once the allies capture Italy?

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It wouldn’t have to since after the liberation of Italy Italians fought with both the Axis and Allies

Well, I mean. They fought with the Axis first then switch to the Allies… if I remembered that correctly.

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Yes but by the end of the war some units were still with the Axis

Any chance we could see a Russian campaign or a Axis that would be cool

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I stated earlier that the story will be taking place within the Western front, not the Eastern front. Russians were only apparent on the Eastern front.

But there is an Axis character that you could create. So 50 percent of your wishes have already been confirmed to be coming true.


Awesome cant wait to try this out my good man.