Writing Interactive Fiction In Five Steps


There’s a new post on the choicescript blog about Writing Interactive Fiction In Five Steps by the author of Last Monster Master. I’ll admit to being excited to seeing another game design post on the blog. I used to love reading those. I know not everyone checks out the blog so I thought I’d link it here.


That was helpful! I’ve been using XMind to write out branching scenes, but Chat Mapper seems a LOT more convenient, lol.


I’ve been mapping in Twine but ChatMapper looks awesome! Thank you for sharing this! :slight_smile:


I’ve been using Twine and Mindjet, but I think Chat Mapper seems easy to use. Will try it out and thanks for the link.


if I use this, after I finished the game, how do I make the game work with choice script? can anyone answer?


So far I’ve been using the same technique I did for my last text module - whenever I need to map something visually, I grab a notebook and a Sharpie. Posterboard if I need the extra space. Using a program to organize my thoughts doesn’t feel organic to me - I can add whatever I need by hand. For example, in an early map I made of a scene, I had all of my stats in triangles, my plot points in circles, etc. It also lets me stretch out and get into a different position if I’ve already been typing things all day.

This author knows a bunch more about coding though, so there might be something I’m missing that applies to a longer or more complicated game than I can imagine.


Have you read the basic tutorials? This Wiki is a good place to learn about more complicated stuff.


yes I did, but I mean if I do my work on this Chat Mapper does that mean I have to spent more time copy it down on Choice Script or something?