Wounds and limits

Ok so i am sure that the answers to my questions are “somewhere” in choicescriptdev.wikia but for the life of me i can’t find them.

Anyway to the matter at hand

1st Q: is the wounding system of choice of dragons temporary ?
2nd Q: if not where can i have a peek at Choice of dragon code
3rd Q: how can i place a max/min limit to a variable

I believe most, if not all your answers are on the stats page of the wiki.

And what do you mean by temporary?

I mean that it resets after each scene

Second. While it has the Stats&Stats Screen page have the wound part from CoD i was hoping to have a look at the whole thing and i still can’t find how to set limits

ChoiceScript doesn’t have temps, at least in the way you’re thinking of them. ChoiceScript also doesn’t have limits. (You can still make both of those things work, there just is not a native command for it.)

That’s the link to CoD’s code, if you wanted to look at other scenes in CoD change startup.txt to scenename.txt. If you wanted to look up the code for other ChoiceScript games you typically just need to add “/scenes/startup.txt” to the URL

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  1. I don’t know what you mean?
  2. There’s a couple of way to look at most of the games, but here’s the link to the startup.txt for CoD. Just replace startup in the url with the various scene names to see the rest.
  3. Not directly, but it’s not too difficult to just put in a gosub to force various variables back into line (alternatively, if you’re capping a number of 1-99, you can use fairmath).
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Thanks for the help !
@Reaperoa unfortunately gosub won’t work for what i had in mind . Oh well, i will have to work around that. Anyway, thanks again