Limit to variables?

I have around 25 stats in the mygame.js file, and when I add a 26th it is listed as “non-existent”, is this because I have too many? Although I thought there weren’t limits to them? I’m so confused!

Well I have 31 stats there, and it works just fine. Could you post what the stats list looks like in your file? And when and where does it tell you that the stat is non-existent?

I’ve had to delete a few that I wanted to make room for others… however, there are 26 here now, and it’s kind of annoying!
Basically it becomes non-existent whenever I try and
*set variable +1 or “true/false” or something, and it’s always the last variable added, which in this case would be “child2gender”. Am I supposed to indent them differently?

stats = {

fname: "Unknown"
,lname: "Doe"
,age: 14
,gender: "Unknown"
,sexuality: "Unknown"
,relationship1: 1
,relationship2: 1
,relationship3: 1
,spouse: "1"
,spousefname: "Unknown"
,spouselname: "Unknown"
,child1: "false"
,child1fname: "Unknown"
,child1gender: "Unknown"
,child2: "false
,child2fname: "Unknown"
,child2gender: "Unknown"
,leadership: 1
,strength: 1
,beauty: 1
,charm: 1
,calm: 1
,tender: 1
,wealth: 5
,pendant: "false"
,pendanttype: "Unknown"


Can you please recopy that with <*code> added to the beginning (before the first line) and <*/code> added to the end? (after the last line) (remove the * symbol). Also, what is written in your “debugStats” list?

As far as I can tell, there is no code that could possibly limit the number of variables in the mygame.js file, even accidentally. Could you try to change a variable after the last one (like the 30th on the list) and see if you get the same errors?

Also, I noticed that the variable ‘child2’ doesn’t have the closing quotation marks. Try fixing that, and see if that is your problem. (I have no clue what lacking a closing quotation mark in the mygame.js file would do.)

@reaperoa It would break the file.