Would you like to play a game from the perspective of a camera?

Okay guys, this is new here for me and I guessing you so let’s promise not to freak ok :sweat_smile:.

Basically, what I mean is that the MC is the Camera which is following (or filming you prefer) a group of teens (adds drama) who are about to find something amazing in the state of Texas. Where I’m coming is that the NPCs will talk to the camera as they are filming, which means they will talk to you like “ok so basically the camera stopped working for a while”.

Also, as a camera has no gender also no ROs will be available for the camera so it relieves us of the pressure of romance…for the MC at least.

As a replacement for no choice of ROs for the MC you can “document” who the characters settle for and if they go for the same gender or the opposite, or if they stay alone. Also you have such options like:

  1. NPC said “we go right”
  2. NPC said “we go left”
  3. NPC said " let’s make camp here"
    Ect. ECT. Anyways, what do you think of my idea.

P.S as I’m still working on coding and trying to figure out what’s happening with dropbox I can safely guarantee that this game is not happening anytime soon, so pls don’t get your hopes up guys.


No. I wouldn’t want to play a game from the perspective of a camera.

Which doesn’t mean that it isn’t an interesting idea. It does place you in the role of a more omniscient narrator and allow you to shape a story. It would be interesting from a reality tv perspective of choosing what scenes to film in order to shape a whole story.

But it just doesn’t interest me.


Nah, that’s cool mobfeather, I know it’s a stab in the dark which is why my hopes for it is deep down for it, that’s why “let’s not freak” is at the top.

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When I saw the topic title I was thinking of one of those games where the MC is stuck in a monitor or security room trying to get other characters through obstacles and such.

This doesn’t sound as interesting but I might still try a bit.


Well hey, that could work as well and this idea isn’t set in stone so who knows? Thxs for the idea dude :smile:.

Sounds like a cool idea to me, I’d be willing to give it a shot.

The danger with that approach is the reader might feel kind of disconnected from the story, especially since the MC will be a passive observer (since it’s a camera and not a god or something, and by nature has no agency). But I could see it working if you’re careful to make the reader feel in control of the story and characters.

It could also be a neat story device if you make use of the characters carrying the camera around, sometimes filming the group, sometimes a single character doing a monologue in front of the camera, discussing their feelings (that could feel very intimate, and make the reader bond with the character). Someone might drop the camera face down, forcing the reader to make half-informed decisions. If you have antagonists, the heroes might loose the camera and it might record some of the antagonists’ conversations before getting picked up by a hero again, giving the reader a glimpse of the antagonists’ plans…

The more I think about it the cooler it sounds actually.

PS: You made a typo in the title of the thread, it’s “perspective”, not “prospective”.


indeed the way sounds good since being a camera can see things others can not and so understand better and things faster but it would be frustrating thing because being an object not able to take part in some critical moments of history as save or discover something that only one person could make them

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Well, it depends what the situation is really. You could have the reader be totally in control, and even get the film caught in history. Or you could have it like a small irrelevent character.

If I haven’t put it at the top, I am sort of
trying to aim it to be where you can have a bit more control of the story without totally taking over the NPCs/ MCs like the 3Games (which I totally :heart: BTW) So yeah. It may work it may not, I was just filming stuff in an old castle by the way so it’s sort of like an “write it down fast” idea if you catch my drift. Besides it’s not totally set in stone, and thx to @Adam_VanCleave_Perro suggestion, I’m actually considering it to be like someone in a monitoring station who is controlling the team through some cameras which are dotted around, so they can give a better perspective (unless the camera falls over or the microphone gets cut). But the thin is, it could be seen as an RO sort of thing since you have a human MC which means ROs most of the time, and relationships and such which I find it hard since I don’t know the definition of “Social life” or “friend” so I cannot really write the mushy mushy stuff of “BFF” well. This will disappoint the readers a lot :sweat:. I hate disappointing people…

although you could also inspire you in games like Michigan outlast or report from hell using that idea but from a more innovative approach that could you see to be the camra be the cameraman and so you could have almost the same vision as being a camera

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it sounds like a decent idea but no I wouldn’t.


An AI drone its task to record the news, has a human to interact with. Will you protray the good or worse of humanity. As you grow will you make events happen or stop them. Can you stay impartial? Just my two cents.


this idea made me just think wtf? lol not seen anything like it before, so struggling to imagine how it’d turn out. I’d probably play it once or so out of curiosity, but I can’t see it being as fun as playing a intelligent/organic life form if you like, but as I said still just trying to wrap my head around the concept :stuck_out_tongue: so hopefully it’d be good :slight_smile: .

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Well in that Hey You Pikachu/survival horror hybrid the MC was actually celebrating their marriage before things went wrong and in that Sci-fi adventure with the security controls to a former shipwreck turned bio lab the NPC you help is looking for their boyfriend and there’s no way for them to hear your voice anyway (which is why reengaging door locks and such is the closest you get to communicating).

The NPCs could have headsets with a battery life so bad they can’t waste it on small talk.

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Yes, I would. It sounds really interesting if you do it right.

basically as I cannot figure out coding by myself, I have started doing it on wattpad to make it easier. I would show coverart but I am unsure if its allowed without permission, or if I’m allowed to write it.

I keep picturing Blair Witch, and I have to say no very emphatically. This is something that would not even pique any voyeuristic tendencies either. Namely, I rather be the mc and explore the story through the narration, rather than being along for the right.

Rather do than be toted along.

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In the RPGs I’ve played, I always like controlling just one person, but there are many where you control the whole party.

As a story, it could be very neat. It would gain you even more control and allow you to create a very unique narrative.


I’m voting “yes”. I haven’t seen this done before, and I think it could be really interesting. Who’s to say the main character needs to be a “character” at all? I also like the idea of being able to watch or influence any of the characters. It would be sort of similar to a movie like Pontypool, where you’re at the hub of the action rather than in the thick of it, only with more ability to control your actions.

You could also explore the voyeuristic aspect - when things go wrong, can you just watch? If there’s nothing you can do to help, is it right to keep looking? When should you draw the line to give people their privacy? A great game that dealt with that is “Don’t take it personally, babe, this just ain’t your story”, about a teacher that spies on his students’ social media accounts.


When I saw the title I thought, “They don’t really mean a literal camera. They mean some metaphorical camera.” Then I saw that you meant a literal camera, and I got excited. I was hoping we’d get to play a possessed camera that like, trips specific NPC’s with leg stands or wires and in turn sets off a series of events that change the entire plot.

Still, it’s a unique perspective and I’d like to know how you go about it.


Umm, no not like that as such. There is someone there it’s just that they are in a room in I don’t know…Alaska and simply just watching.