WiReDcHiMpAnZeE's Next Project

So I am in the 4th quadrant of my games pre-beta development, and so I am finally announcing these facts about my game and my new company that I have finally made official:
It will be a brand new type of use for choicescript.
The fact at I am developing it currently.
The beta will be a closed beta.
It is almost complete.
The Introduction of my partner in the idea department who helps me with my projects.
I’m officially opening WiReDcHiMpAnZeE Inc. with this game.
I created a page for WiReDcHiMpAnZeE Inc. on facebook.
And lastly, the game’s contents will be kept secret until it is open for play.

Okay so how can we help

maby with void powers?

Poison? well it’s intriguing, i would make my question could i be charismatic and evil?

I’m not sure that’s how you open a company but eh…

You wont be JLBH, it is a closed beta I was just announcing it I have already made a list of beta testers they have already been notified of their beta testing opportunity, there are 20 testers in all of which I do not know who will test it as only 3 have replied with an affirmative so far and the rest have not yet replied if you received an inbox from me talking about beta testing you are in it, but you are not allowed to say who you are
Mira… the answer is no and I see you still have a thing for poison…
RValliant I opened it awhile ago just I never officially announced it
P0RT3R… sure… I guess you can use void powers, lol

Hey looks like you’ve returned, good luck with your game. And yea good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy shit now that i am reading my old discussion i really seem like an annoying twat… :/. Sorry bout that guys :stuck_out_tongue:

I only hope i manage to finish up my games…hmmm i am sure i’ll be done in another 50 years :wink:

Can’t wait to see.

Your hair would be white by the time

Why do people keep dissapearing and suddenly after a long time they pop up again and im like Omg he’s alive…

IRULE! I thought you left us

lol porter and wiredchimpanzee i said i will be back when i left …i think :I

but yeah i am back i guess probably

But i am still not much of a writer but have learned a little but i yeah i will try to get my shit done, well atleast one of the hundred games i started. I will try to get 5000 words for a little reminder on what i need to be vary of cause i haven’t written in cog for a while

are @Roslyn_samalt06 and @Musiclover still here???

Roslin nope music i believe still drop here from time to time

oh… well i forgot to apologize to you right?? srry for being an ass before leaving

Hey @irule9344 and @MaraJade, sorry I haven’t really been on here lately my cousin has been using my account. I’m surprised she hasn’t been more active on the forum.

No problem @irule9344

@Roslyn_samalt06 left??? that saddens me…

did she say she was coming back?

so we have had a few setbacks… my plan didn’t really work out as i imagined it would (dang human errors) and my project is currently on hold till I get my project’s storyboard back… (I lent it to someone) I wrote the storyboard down on paper and it consists of ideas not implemented yet, so it may be some time before I can release the game… im sorry but on the bright side I have finished about 99% of the coding and 74% of the words! (the storyboard contains the words so that’s why it has less and I set up the coding first this time while thought up ideas and then edited it depending on the words I used)