WIP: You are a King (short demo)


Right now I only have access to a Kindle Fire. I do have a Bluetooth keyboard which allows for easy typing.

For a dedicated writing team I would probably give each writer their own story branch in their own chapter file.


I really like to write but unfortunately I don’t know anything about coding so I can’t really work with choicescript :pensive:


It’s not that hard to learn. This community is one of the nicest I’ve encountered. There would be tons of help.

And if you keep your first attempt simple, it would be even easier than that.

And if you write with me, I’d help with the coding.


You could pull a “Choice of Broadsides” and flip gender roles completely if the MC chooses woman. Plus, then you could just have two pronoun variables for the MC’s gender and for the other gender.
Oh, also, just a thought, and this might be a personal prefernece, but your stats screen seems bulky. You could probably merge a few stats to steamline it, if you want too. Plus, making all of the stats diametrically opposed seems off.
Of course, that’s really just my taste, so if you like it how it is, I have no other suggestions.


Others have mentioned the number of stats, and I may listen eventually. However, right now I like the idea of complexity. Displaying them differently or at least making some of them hidden might be a good streamline method. Deleting stats is easy. Putting them back in later might be more difficult.


Wow! Really? I mean I have noticed that everyone seems really nice but still. I really like the concept that you’re working with. I also have a suggestion what if at the time to say the strong stats of the character you also have to choose a couple of weaknesses?


Will the game included a success and failure outcomes depending on what your stats are and the response you chose.


Good suggestion, easily done.


Naturally. You don’t necessarily become the ruler. You aren’t even guaranteed to live. Of course if you die I’ll be nice and not make you start all the way over.


So it’s like the British monarchy no real power?


I don’t really know what you mean by that…


Really interesting concept! I’ve been into quite a bit of roleplaying myself an should probably try out some choicescript writing.

One choice book you could use is Choice of a Dragon. Its pretty good, and its focus shifting from petty, to middle ground and finally to large scale could be useful.