[WIP] In Stasis And In Space (M/M Romance Space Opera)

I’m a sucker for jealous Kel :pleading_face::pleading_face:


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Really liking the world and tone of the story and the MC options, and cliffhanger! Am eagerly looking forward to the next update, the menu is really cool too, I like the set up!

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Please keep discussion of the incestuous content to the NSFW thread.


Oh god, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize it was still the SFW thread, since I’m subscribed to both and didn’t start on that topic :scream:
Would you like me to just delete my messages here and repost on the other thread, or keeping it at that is okay since more than anything I wanted to know if this was a thing or not?

I’ve moved the latest posts in the topic over to the other thread. Feel free to continue the discussion over there.

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Thank you so much! I’m a bit mortified by my error, to be honest.

Loving the WIP this far! :smiley: Keep up the good work!

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Hi Kitten, nice game. I really like the characters and the writing feels fresh and pleasant to read.

There seems to be a bug with the skills systen, though. When I played a combat specialist with 70 exp in fighting and gained 30 exp from a job the total experience didin’t add up to 100, but rolled over into 0. Which probably isn’t intended, unless exp represents our progress towards gaining another level in the skill and I went from a level 1 fighter with 70 exp to a level 2 fighter with 0 exp. If that is the case that didn’t show up in those squares you have underneath the experience points for the skills, if that’s what they are there for.

Other than that everything looks fine, and I’m looking forwards to seeing what happens next. I’ve always wanted to kiss an Illithid ;D.

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Wait, is Kell being overprotective or he has another plan? Is he . . . why :[

Yes, that’s how it goes. Sorry for not making it clear, I’m putting more labels on the update to lessen the confusion.

I’ll check it out soon! These chunks of codes are making me nuts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Will we be able to play as a trans guy in this? Sorry if the question seems silly - it can be difficult to tell sometimes what IFs have that as an option, especially with m/m or f/f focused ones :sweat_smile:

As of now, I don’t have plans to include that option in this book (I’m sorry :frowning: ). But I hope to write something else one day, with character customisations open for all genders


I love being pampered. So Much.


SMALL UPDATE [05/16/21]

❯ A brief interaction with Aibel Ashtom: the cuverian prisoner.
❯ Codex added! It updates as you progress through the story.
❯ Buy the Treasure Tracker and find some good loot inside the ark.
❯ Fixed typos, errors, and item values.
❯ More labels in the Stat Screen.

Is the amount of images made it too clunky or just right?

  • Too clunky.
  • Just right.
  • Maybe lessen it a bit.

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Again, thank you for the love and support for this WIP :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello :alien:

I’m deciding to do an overhaul with one of the species, the Tresterian (Kell’s species). Currently, the inspiration came from this photo:

Tresterian Inspiration

images (22)_1612486398214

Meanwhile, some have suggested to make their features lean into being anthro.

Anthro Example

I would like to have your quick input between the two, which one do you prefer? Or do you have any other suggestions? My only requirement is that their species should have a tail.

  • Lean into Anthro for easier visualisation.
  • Stay on the alien-humanoid features and let the imagination do the work.

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That is all :alien:


To me both pictures are kind of anthro so eeeh, I guess I’ll go with the “stay” one since I prefer that picture :rofl:

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