WIP Grey Swan - Wisteria Birds - on hiatius starting 17.12.23

So different: cool.

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Super good so far :slight_smile:

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I played through the demo once, and have already decided on Desrosier for my later definitive play through of the finished game :woozy_face:

So much so that now, on my second play though, im having trouble making myself choose the other options :rofl:

Can’t let him cry :pleading_face:

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@Schrodinger Hiya! Just in case you weren’t aware, the saves don’t work.

Also I really Like this, I keep getting confused due to the words being used but, I’ll catch on lol. I look forward to more.

Just to be completely clear, can’t play as trans at all, correct?

Maybe I can interest you with a seemingly cold and detached executioner that has two lovely dogs?

Dont worry, he wont cry! He is used to it and even if you dont choose him you will met him again later!

I will fix that today after work!

Which ones, I always tried to write it in a way that should explain it in context!

So far not. However I have plans to add this kind of things, but first I want to write a “growth” of MC from “I am just an Artwork” to “I am actually just a normal human and have a gender… and I do not like that one I have”
However this is still in the really early stages so we will see how that goes!


It’s mostly just the way the characters speak. For example it took me a minute to realize Artworks were people. Then when it came to the use of IT; it took me a minute to realize, that MC was being referenced. I ended up restarting to make sure I didn’t miss something, reread everything, and luckily seen where I missed that MC does explain a tad bit about that.

So yeah, just the candor between the characters and the terminology used in this world will take some getting used to, which isn’t a bad thing by the way.

I can also try to word that better. After some people in my other WIP genuinly thought they were playing as birds I am so damn paranoid about making such things clear.

Oh, I really like this one, it’s so different with us being artworks and deadly. I find the characters so sweet/interesting, especially Herr Desrosiers. He’s kind of adorable :smiley:

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Thanks! I wanted that fascinating contrast with MC being beautiful but also… deadly with a kiss alone, writing the relationships will be much fun!
And yes Desrosiers is a real sweetheart, isnt he? Surely there is nothing he is hiding right?


Heh, yes, I thought it was weird no one of the artworks wanted to go with him… :laughing: now you made me more curious about him :laughing:


This looks very interesting. I like that it has more fantasy vibes and the idea of peacock Artworks being great fighters is kind of funny (in good interesting way, since the real peacocks don’t look very threathening).
So…how am i supposed to choose with who i want to go with?! Sure, Desrosiers is nice, but why would someone who is against all the Artwork thing even go to the banquett? Why he lives alone? Suspicious.

(I would go look into his basement the moment there will be a chance.) Sanson seems scarry, but he’ll have a hard time with my nonstop angry MC for sure. :smile: Artworks reminds me a mix between robots and Sebastian from Black Butler (and maybe those colorful poisonous spiders) - beautiful and deadly, but for some reason kind of fascinating.


Glad you like it! I actually dislike high fantasy so I came up with this :smiley:


Yes to Sebastian :joy:


Hey @moderators

Can you lock this topic (will I be able to unlock it again? Tried to find an answer but I am not sure).
This game requires a very specific mindset, motivation and inspiration which atm I do not have and I will focus on my other games, which I can get into much easier :slight_smile:

However! I wont be abandoning this game, I will work on it, but I also need to work out the story really well with all the branching.


Closed at request of author. Let a moderator know when you want it unlocked.