WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (pre-adult version)

Later we will be for now its more of beta testing and demoing but im pretty sure the final product will allow us to import our saved files :slight_smile:

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“van pushes you forward”
shouldnt it be “backward/s” ? cause if i landed in front of it, and it drove into me… then i would be pushed back

i think theyre known as “diamante” masks not diamond
my mind instantly envisioned it as either a mask made of diamonds
or a mask in a diamond shape which
was confusing

ortega is a woman for me

i think this is another pronoun problem

i dont think its a massive deal but
playing as a woman
i feel like it should be “businesswoman” instead
a lot of things can be non-gender specific but usually things like “businessman” tend to mean just a man who is in business

all that being said though i love your progress so far!!
i cant wait for more!!!


More than happy to help were I can. Best of luck .

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squeals like a little girl omg omg!!! The wip is here!!!


I loved the first and I’m liking this one

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Can’t wait to see more!! And can’t wait I can buy it when it comes out!!


Oh boy oh boy this is amazing

and that kinda romantic scene with argent just perfect


That scene with Argent is great. I really felt like the tension between her and the MC’s villain Persona was really blurry; like you can’t really tell which desire is fueling her strongest when she interacts with the Villain Persona and even lets them close enough to touch her (in a non-hostile way). Makes me think there’s going to end up being one particular fight between the two that’s going to be their breaking point. Makes me also wonder how her interactions with MC themselves would play out

Speaking of that particular situation:

Does anyone else feel like some players are going to make each aspect of the MC get involved with one of each RO (like MC’s puppet having a thing for Ortega or the Doc, MC getting Herald even more smitten with them (and not in a hero worship way), and have the Villain Persona seduce Argent)? :sweat_smile:


Gonna ignore the spelling typos since it was already mentioned that they would be fixed later on.

An abrupt part was when I made the mob boss choice and had the encounter with the Handyman. My Sidestep played it safe and kept away, but somehow he got a limp, but MC hardly touched him or did not at all.

Will definitely look at again.And see if it happens again.

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I mean it sounds like Argent is gonna be the first to find out our identity when romancing her because how else are we going to kiss, date and bang. She might even keep it a secret from the Rangers because she likes fighting us and doesn’t want it to end. I wonder how Herald and Ortega would react when they find out we’re dating. Argent is Heralds crush and we are his hero and the person he really admires. Argent is Ortegas best friend and the we are the person she possibly has feelings for. Sounds like those two are going to end up drunk and depressed in bar somewhere.



I don’t know; I think it is possible for her to have a thing with the Villain Persona without the MC ever exposing their actual identity. It is rather dependent on HOW important it is to Argent to know their actual identity. There could be a chance that she does not care much to do the unmasking as long as the Villain Persona still provides a exciting challenge to her and she knows she has some claim on them. And it is possible for Argent to hang around MC’s Villain Persona discreetly and get some kisses from them as long as the mask exposes their mouth.

As for the possibly dating her as MC (in the case of her not knowing the connection between MC and their Villain Persona), it’s anyone’ s guess how Argent would express interest toward that version of MC. She seems to like people who excite her in some way and present a interesting challenge the most. Heck, who knows how Herald himself may transition from his crush toward Argent to developing a interest toward MC that goes beyond hero worship. :thinking:

And who knows how awkward it might be for either Argent or Herald to express interest in MC while knowing Ortega had a thing with them in the past (and may even still have a thing for them in some cases).


The mask (which is actually just a helmet) covers the entire face. The only way to kiss her would be to take it off. Also in the last game you can make her like you I got a 64% relationship with her.
Also in a Tumblr ask apparently Lady Argent wouldn’t care if you had a thing with Ortega just that they need to get over it if the MC is not interested anymore. Also another one was if Ortega is gonna get jealous if we date Argent the answer was “Hell yes”.


Well I’m disappointed the option to take a trophy from Argent wasn’t included, I was hoping to find out what toy(s) the good Doctor could come up with.

I was hoping we’d get an option to get a layer of Argent over our armor to make us more like Anathema.

I liked the option to take that name.


I honestly just want relationship with Argent and my MC to not just be when I’m a villain. I want it to be public like I walk in the Rangers HQ because Steel has a telepath problem then go and say hi and kiss and flirt with her.


About the Ortega convo. If the puppet is flirting with him the text automatically assumes there’s a triangle? Or at least assumes that Sidestep has repressed feelings? A Sidestep who doesn’t see Ortega that way shouldn’t have any issue with it.

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This is just mind blowing for me and it’s really good but I was hope we could use our puppet to decive some of the characters that our puppet is in love with them so we could have an advantage over them :smiling_imp:

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amazing job so far @malinryden :wink:


Oooh, the second installment of Fallen Hero, nice! Is there any Herald specific content in this alpha yet?


Not yet, I think.But I could be wrong since I didn’t check every option out yet.

Thank you for this :pray:t5:

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