WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (pre-adult version)

There’s a lot about identity in this game, especially that relating to our protagonist. In the first book, you can even refer to your first night as a villain as “unveiling” yourself.

As you pointed out, they can see their villain persona as their real identity (some reverso-Batman/Rorschach stuff going on here lol) and begin to conflate their Puppet with themselves. Adding Hollow Ground as their… clone? Previous version? Failed experiment to be replaced? Only blurs the lines further. I’m guessing this book or the next will be about determining whether your past defines you or if you can break the shackles and carve your own path.

It sures fits a trans/non-binary character, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re absolutely right! This series is super queer friendly and its themes definitely reflect that.


I have just noticed something very interesting…
The gates variable was not new, it was mentioned all the way in chapter 4 of Fallen hero:Rebirth ,during the heartbreak flashback.
There it was said"Activating gates one through five" to posibly save heartbreak itself…

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I have also found this:
“Activating gates six through eight”
And then
“Activating the ninth gate”
After that it was said her brain was breached by harmonic tremors(Can someone tell me what they are…)and that the psychic depth was exceeded…

from Wikipedia: “A harmonic tremor is a sustained release of seismic and infrasonic energy typically associated with the underground movement of magma, the venting of volcanic gases from magma, or both. It is a long-duration release of seismic energy, with distinct spectral lines, that often precedes or accompanies a volcanic eruption.”

Also, yeahhh… Malin is definitely an architect with their writing! They seed things really early on—just consider the Regene reveal. They’re doing something with the gates, and we just don’t know what it is yet. But I think we can assume activating the ninth gate… is not good and that I’m very afraid for the Sidesteps who aren’t doing too good.


It depends what you did during your debut! Malin answered an ask about it on tumblr:


How do you think the Infamy variable should be catagorized?
I was thinking of something like this:
Below 30 infamy: Low infamy
Between 30 and 50 infamy: Semi-low infamy
Between 50 and 65 infamy: Semi-high infamy
Above 65 infamy: High infamy
Disregarding that what do you think are the advantages of the low/high infamy ratings?


I think high infamy means you’re more respected by villains which is good if you want to attract minions or interact with HG as equals. The media will also devote more time/effort in reporting on you with the drawback of also being a higher priority to heroes.

Low infamy might get you less respect/attention but it also means you can operate with little fear of scrutiny and heroes are less likely to be officially sanctioned to take you out.


Hey guys, I need some advice…
Do you think its worth revealing your telepathic abilities to the world if you are to increase them or should I keep’em a secret but the stats won’t increase…

I think it depends on how you want to play! If you want to use your telepathy more frequently and with higher stats, it might be worth it to let yourself be a known telepath, so you can actually use your telepathy publicly. Drawbacks of course being that your notoriety goes up and people like Hollow Ground and the Farm will know about villain’s telepathy. And dampeners exist…


I don’t have a strong opinion either way! My Steps seem to mellow out a little bit in Retribution and start taking on blue traits. I will say that above 65 makes me a bit nervous just in general because extreme orangesteps tend to have a bad time when it comes to hidden stat increases.

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This isn’t a invite? It’s not taking me to the actual server. It seems the invite has expired

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ive recently started retribution demo, and im having trouble with how to approach the casino. the only option i have available is to assault it. which choices lock you out of sneaky options?


Welcome to the forums! To infiltrate (which isn’t exactly “sneaky”), your villain persona needs to be infamous or have money. To steal before the auction begins, you need to be a thief, and to break in during the auction, you can’t be a mob boss. Assaulting the casino/causing mayhem is available to all Sidesteps.

For the specific checks, I’ve grabbed some code from the adult version build for you:

  *selectable_if (((infamy >= 50) or (wealth = "well-off")) or ((wealth = "wealthy") or (wealth = "rich"))) #I will infiltrate the auction as ${villain_name}.
    You've been waiting for a chance to step into the limelight of the Los Diablos underworld, and this is the perfect option. 

    Time for ${villain_name} to have some fun.
    *set infiltrate true
  *selectable_if (thief) #I will steal what I want right before the auction begins.
    You steal things, that's what you do. No need to complicate things. Go in, get what you want, then get out before the shit hits the fan.

    Sounds like a plan.
    *set presteal true
  *selectable_if (not(boss)) #I will quietly break in during the auction.
    No need to complicate things. Go in, get what you want, then get out before the shit hits the fan.

    Sounds like a plan.
    *set steal true
  #I will attack the Casino, mayhem is the name of the game.
    It's time to bring out the big guns, and you couldn't have a better target. Sure, people might get killed, but nobody in that Casino is innocent.

    About time someone showed them they are not invulnerable either.
    *set mayhem true

thank u, although im not exactly sure how to use the code, but i suppose i’ll just restart and make different choices.

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Try deleting the coee at the top and replacing it with this:

It will get you to the main page where you can select each part and see all available variables…

Try deleting the code at the top and replacing it with this:

It will get you to the main page where you can select each part and see all available variables…

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Now, I know the answer is long overdue, but to be fair, I only joined recently. And yes, there actually is a way to flawlessly defeat all 3 rangers in a single playthrough without ever resorting to Telepathy. But as you can imagine, it’s extremely tricky. Now, you might have already found out, but this could also be useful to everyone who wish to curbstomp all Rangers.


  • Be a Fighter. That one goes without saying at this point, I guess.

  • You’ve got to have either Speed or Strength mod, or you’ll inevitably have to use Telepathy to beat Lady Argent.

  • Make sure your friendship with Ortega (with MC) doesn’t go above 70. I’ll explain why.


Now let’s down to business. Your main goal is to make sure your daring stat allows you to curbstomp both Ortega and Lady Argent. What follows next is an example of how you can do it. I’ve personally done this by trying to avoid modifying my daring stat as much as possible until the near end. For this playthrough, I picked Speed and Strength Mods. Take that into account while using the guide.

Chapter 1

  • Catch my breath (-10%)
  • Focus (+10%)
  • Best impersonation
  • Lure him close (-10%)
  • And yet
  • This is too important (+20%)
  • Pause in
  • Remember this slight.
  • Pick “I can’t believe” or “I will show them”.
  • Pick Friend or Flirt.
  • Pick whatever.
  • Risk myself (+20%)
  • Pick “I wish I could” or “I’m glad”.
  • Pick whatever until second chapter.

Chapter 2

  • Don’t pick “this plan has too many”.
  • Don’t pick “better safe than sorry”.
  • Don’t pick “You need my help”.
  • Don’t pick “I have a bad feeling”.
  • As close to my target (+10%)
  • He probably won’t risk
  • Run as fast as I can (+10%)
  • Might come in handy
  • Don’t pick “unless I help them”
  • Pick whatever until “I’ve missed being back”. Choose this option. (+15%)
  • Pick whatever until “Talk myself out”. Choose this option. (-10%)

Chapter 03

  • Pick whatever until “I was impatient”. Do NOT pick this option.
  • Teach them a lesson (+15%)
  • Do not pick “that would mean running away”

Chapter 04-06:

What follows next is a whole bunch of options to avoid.

  • Yes. If I want to understand what this is
  • I draw on my anger
  • I draw on my conviction
  • My life as a hero
  • Anger…I have so much of it.
  • I’ll see what shape
  • I need to release
  • I punch her

Chapter 07-08:

The only daring option to pick is “I’ve brainwashed him” (-10%). The following is to avoid.

  • I need to try out how the suit works.
  • I love feeling this powerful or I have to be careful
  • I’ll play it safe
  • Can’t make an omelet
  • I will go alone (this will result in a mandatory daring choice, which I wanted to avoid).
  • If you picked Ortega, don’t pick “I try to get some info” and "I want {him} to be telling the truth.
  • If you picked Mortum, don’t pick “Really? Could have fooled me”.
  • Impatient or Nervous

Chapter 09:

Now it’s show time for your villain identity. If you’ve done everything I told you up until this point, you must be at 64 in daring.

  • Don’t pick “I want to see blood”.

  • I’m fast (+15%)

  • Depending on your plan regarding the museum, don’t pick the following:

  • I will manipulate them into smashing all the exhibits

  • They will hamper the heroes more than me

  • I will call him out

  • I wonder if I can disintegrate

All right, now comes the part you’ve been waiting for: beating the Rangers without breaking a sweat.


  • Don’t name yourself Anathema or Sidestep. If you really can’t resist screwing with the heroes, name yourself Anathema and don’t pick the following option.
  • Tougher people or jet boost (+10%). If you named yourself Anathema, pick “He’s a hero, and I’m not”.
  • Don’t monologue. Just knock Herald out.


  • Pick whatever until “I’ll remain cool and detached” comes up. Pick that option. (-10%)
  • Press my advantage

If you followed me until then, you’re at 65 and succesfully curbstomped Ortega. Now it’s time to finish them.

  • Time to end this (+10%)
  • Now, you SHOULD monologue to avoid a daring drop. Just don’t pick “speak from the heart”.

Lady Argent

Pick “Let’s end this fast”.


If you’ve maintained your friendship with Ortega below 70, you have access to a dialogue option that increase your daring stat, specifically “Fight you for real”.

If you’ve done everything correctly, you must be at 71 in daring, which is just enough to defeat Lady Argent without Telepathy.

Congratulations. You’ve managed to utterly beat the crap out of the Rangers (sans Steel, but hey, that’s still victory!) without ever using your greatest weapon.

BONUS: Do you want Ortega and Herald to be afraid of you? Here are some extra tips.

  1. Pick Herald as your rival. This will add a secret option that you’ll have to pick instead of the “tougher” or “jet boost”, specifically “I studied him”. It results in Herald taking such a beating that he’ll be afraid of you.

  2. Wearing the imposing or terrifying suit to make Ortega automatically afraid of you zs soon as you curbstomp them . It doesn’t work with Herald for some reason, even if your relationship with him hasn’t changed since “afraid” has been set.

  3. If you don’t want to wear those, just threaten Ortega after beating them. You’ll strike fear into them immediately, imposing or not.

BONUS 2: Oh, you WANT to cripple Herald on top of that? Man, you’re so EVIL. You’ve just got to pick the option to make him suffer, which results in him fearing you even if he’s not your rival. However, you’ll need the Armor mod to make sure you don’t take damage from getting hit by Ortega…which you’ll need an alternative to the “I’m fast” option. In this case, see when I told you to not pick “Impatient”? Well, ignore that advice and you’ll get the exact same boost as “I’m fast”, deal with the guards by using your bulletproof armor, and pick the “tougher” option when fighting Herald. Proceed as in the guide, and you’ll still beat both Ortega and Lady Argent. You can even pick “Speak from the Heart” and choose not to silence Ortega. You won’t take any damage.

Obviously, there are other ways to get to the 65 daring. I’ve just suggested what I’ve actually gone for. If you have access to the full web version, I encourage you to explore the coding and use fairmath to help. And then maybe you’ll beat the Rangers, as well as hurting Herald’s leg!


You’ve done this comunity a great service
Your advice will never be forgotten
Thank you…


So you need over 70 daring to beat argent or is 70 daring viable?