WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (pre-adult version)

Well tbf, both of them are stalkers and Argent and Steel are the only sane ones.

Absolutely nope both are also unhealthy dependence relationship with a similar dinamic. Steel feels guilty is also in denial of his personal situation and in a severe stress. And Madame hardcore Argent is in a destructive phase that doesn’t know what feels anymore and severe stress also denial of her own desires and her own condition.
As I said with Herald and Ortega is a theme in series a very mature theme that deep in fear, guilty depression need of affection and the fear of it same time. It also deals with a problem i had in real life so it touches me deeply. After i suffered the rape attempt even if I was successful in my defence I have big problem to left a man outside my dad or my best friend touches me My body and nerves reaction with extremely anxiety and nearby aggressive it was something I could not control. Therapy and group therapy with other victims helped role-playing therapy helped still is something i would carry in less grade all my life. So when I see pc reactions in a way I see the teen i was and the anxieties and fear. So this game is in a way therapeutic to me and scary. And reason why I am so sensitive with other people commentaries this game plays near home.


Whereas my mc starts out loathing the kid and seeing him as a cheap replacement for the old SideStep and in general everything he once though he wanted to but never could be. But in the end my mc does gradually end up slowly falling for the kid more and more. He still doesn’t exactly regret the vicious beat-down he handed the kid tho as that seems to be what both motivated Herald to try harder, which my mc grudgingly admires and Herald’s slight new limp is really sexy to my mc because with it he has now marked Herald as “his” even if the poor kid doesn’t know it.
He’ll never do it again, but he can’t deny he’s secretly pleased with the results.

Same for my mc really, they even desire to take similar measures to get rid of the denial. As both Argent and my mc want to get rid of their unique conditions in order to move on with their lives.
Still, I agree that even if she was the right gender a romance between those two would not really be a healthy thing and it probably wouldn’t last all that long.

Seems your experiences with it have been much better than mine as I refuse to ever go near a quack “psychiatrist” ever again, no matter what! But then most of my psych issues turned out to be simply comorbid symptoms of my celiac’s, yet they were all the medical establishment ever seemed to show a hint of interest in during my youth and of course it only got to be that way because some asshole once wrote in my medical files that everything was “in my head” and I had an overprotective mother.:rage:
Turns out I did not have anorexia, nor most of the other stuff they tried to push on me and although the depressions certainly were real they were simply symptoms that have gone away and have not returned ever since I’ve lived gluten-free.

Anyway coming back to the game, I think given his experiences with the Farm’s “doctors” it is the same for my mc, not only for mental health care but even for regular doctors as well. My mc here really does not like the medical profession. Fortunately visiting the shrink or not is totally optional in this game.

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many of my mates in therapy had really bad experiences with old school psychological healthcare. I was very thankful due I was part of a modern centre focused in minor problens as abuse rape and anorexia is was a center to pass certain hours each day and you could have a normal life in home also I had a very supportive family not like others surrounding me . So my experience with therapy support it was realy positive however i know i was really lucky both my country healthcare due no way my family could pay that level of care is what in Usa be a suer wealthy clinic that cost a fortune. See the best thing my country has the healthcare system.

This also reflected in game for me the fact there is no universal healthcare and people die without calling an ambulance or have a treatment due is expensive… For me is mind blowing.

My objective with this series is make a character that overcomes the illness and is a proud person and happy. It is a powerful way of exorcism my inner demons. Here power or evil or anything else is secondary.


Yeah, our mental health system used to be a public-private mess before the rest of it, so I don’t think I got the best standard of care.

Anyway back to the game my mc here has even more reasons than real life me to dislike the medical establishment and not limited to mainly the mental healthcare “professionals” but all of them due to his experiences at the farm.
Which is why it would be a delightful irony if the regeneration tech works and he might commercialize it and turn his current shell company into an actual medical technology and pharmaceutical one.
In the US system and even more so here that’s basically a free license to fleece the medical establishment. :grinning:


Oh, dear… Suddenly I am picturing a very angry ginger man attempting to pedal an unreasonably large medical thingy out on the streets. :sweat_smile:



I haven’t played this alpha for very long yet, but I know already that it’s just as amazing as the first game. These games are incredible, and the writing style is amazing. So much love to these games. This beta is already proving to have some very interesting choices, including being able to romance Herald, which is exciting. I feel kinda bad about his limp. Got the 'Broke the Baby" achievement in the last game, haha. Real excited to see where this goes~!


Well ortega is fuckable



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It’s not even an opinion anymore; it’s a cold hard fact.


Preach it brother.

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It’s a real shame MC has to cockblock themselves though…


This game is the epitome of “Just. Fuck. Already.”


Someone go on this game’s Tvtropes page (really, it has one) and put in “belligerent sexual tension”


That’s how you know it’s reached the big boy stage.

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I got a question that maybe belongs to “Rebirth” gameplay, but I found out only with character building of “Retribution”… So what does @malinryden mean when he ask if Ortega at the end is sympathetic with MC villain persona or suspicious? I played Ortega route many times and even at the hospital s/he never said anything like that to me.


So after your big fight with Ortega, they have feelings about the new villain depending what you do in their fight. It can be enemy (want to take them down), nemesis (REALLY wants to take them down), sympathetic (understands your point/feels a little bad about trying to take you in) or suspicious (they suspect MC is the villain.) It changes the dialogue in the hospital and in the epilogue and considering it’s flagged I’m going to assume it will play a bigger part in retribution.


I do so like the suspicious route the most…but a close second is the Sympathetic route

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I have sadly been unable to pull off the sus one
I think at least