[WIP] Court Of The Gilded Roses

So very nice, I love the intrigue of the story. Very well made. A small writing mistake in the first page, the third 'answer box, it should be desert not dessert :wink: (you made me hungry now :joy:)
And I got an error when I arrived at the room and wanted to close the curtains:
prologue_doors line 574: increasing ident not allowed, expected 8 was 12


This is beautifully written.


I never thought I’d be up for a harem story, but this is very well-written.

Let the ruthless scheming begin.


Thank you all so much!

Got it thanks!

Here’s to wine drinking and rival toppling🍷


I love the title photo. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I like using Canva too it’s amazing even when just using the free stuff and I will say while I do like the illustrations, especially the book they do look odd on the very white background like light blue almost blends into the white if that makes sense?


Thanks! Canva did all the real heavy lifting. I have some title pages planned for the stat page also for when/if I ever finish it.


Also quick poll because I’m curious, which path did you play?

  • Princess
  • Noble
  • Captive
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I know this is like probs way too early to even discuss but I have to ask will the heirs have personalities or be delegated to the background sorta of in Wars of the West

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prologue_doors line 574: increasing indent not allowed, expected 8 was 12

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Not too early at all! The entire book has already been planned out and the decision to have kids or not plays a large role in the second and third acts.

Your heirs if you choose to have them, will be Characters in the story, like any other person you encounter.

You can only ever have three children, two boys and a girl. They will all have distinct personalities, your first son will always be outgoing, your second son always be more studious and your daughter will always be loyal to her family, but with a rebellious streak.

Your actions in their childhood can influence them. For example you can play favorites, support one son over the other and cause a dynastic war. Lots of fun side plots and arcs I’m excited to write about.


Yeah quite a few people have had that issue and I can’t seem to solve it on my end. :confused: I’ve tried uploading the corrected file but still nothing. It will probably have to wait till an update unfortunately.

About the illustrations I see what you mean now! I was going to upload them as transparent backgrounds but I should probably make the illustrations darker so they can show up on screens, especially since they’re line art lol.


I’m new to this an unsure of the best way to help with typos, forgive me if I’m off. Wanted to report as I go through. I’m only a few pages in but engaged so far :slightly_smiling_face:

You shook your head, tears pricking at the corners of your eyes. Is that all I am to you? A pawn to be sacrificed in the game of politics and power?"

Missing a "

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This works great! I’m glad to hear your enjoying it :slight_smile:

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Will we be able to support and influence our female RO’s heirs?

Love it so far!


It’s going to be a meme to report that bug until it gets fixed, isn’t it?


Loved what I was able to play so far. Keep up the great work


Really love this story, hope it doesn’t get abandoned :sob::skull:. It’s really well written, and I’ve been hopping for a story like this for a while.


Great start so far I’m looking forward to the rest


beautiful writing, I cannot wait for more!


You can either swallow that impetuous, pride of yours and submit to my authority…or I shall make it my life’s exquisite pleasure → missing space after … this continues for the rest of the WIP

trembling heap of complacent submissive ness, bit by torturous bit. → remove space

Do not fear, khanum we only exist to serve you → missing comma after khanum

“I can handle myself quite fine, thank you,” → should be a full stop, not a comma

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