(WIP) Corruptant [172k words, New Update: April 11th, 2024]

This is why I keep picking the apathetic route when I play (it’s like I can’t help it.) This is the second time MC has been betrayed and abandoned by the people who were supposed to care about them, and until we find out more about both incidents, it just doesn’t make sense to me to even pretend to care. All MC gets when they care is more betrayal and further abandonment.


ngl I love Sam, but I wish I could be more… Angry at him? not in agressive way, but more sorrowful ig
Especially during talk with him in MC’s room. I want scream at him, tell him every single torture I’ve been trough, ask if he trurly cared and why he never come to rescue me or smth


I also want to tell him that he should have saved me. All the torture for 9 years straight and nobody helped. No family, no second family. This is so sad. I made myself cry thinking about what MC went through. Hope we can come back from an insane MC to normal. I need my angst! :wink:


Personally what make it hurt the most is the betrayal of supposedly “Family” It will be less hurt if the one that does all this torturing is someone else but no dear Mom is MC Jailor, torturer and exploiter and MC childhood friend do nothing just another salt to the injury.


Yea, there’s no redeeming Morganna and MC’s original family. I’ll deff be going for an evil revenge/power hungry/domination route for my playthrough. Prob gonna romance the Princess or maybe the elf if they wanna get in on it. Might also be fun to corrupt the girl that has us on a leash…


Not me, if I had murdered children or others and destroyed families.

I would then tell ‘mother’ to put me away so that shard can’t destroy more families.

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Yup. If it comes to that, death is definitely better


Personally I like it I like how people are creative and I can’t wait to see how the Creator of the story get the major ball rolling


Well what I am saying is what I gather from the evidence so far, I did say if there is development later I can change my mind, but for now it’s Sith side, I don’t care about this kingdom one bit and I have no love for this people there is nothing for MC here beside grim future.

The best I can do for the moment is leaving them to their fate and walk away, this people they deserve to be destroyed.


I will not do that, I probably would go to solitude and try to investigate how to manage the violent outburst if I can’t suppress it.

I am not really the type that give up life so easily, I don’t like to go with a bang either I will find some way to survive.

Honestly, it’s more the demon’s fault than the Corruptant. Can’t blame someone for what someone else does with their body.


If the shard can pass to others. Gotta make sure it stays trapped and controlled.

But all I said is moot on staying in prison if hadn’t killed too. Its why I am wait and see type person.


If the shard can transfer, it’s all the more reason to not hold the individual responsible.


Meaning need to keep it locked away so I know it cant do it again. Still need more info on that aspect too though.