Windows phone


Does anyone know if choice of games is compatible with a windows HTC phone because the windows store doesn’t have any choiceofgames games hosted or otherwise


I’m guessing no. Looks like a whole new app market.
@jasonstevanhill @dfabulich
Any plans to submit to this market?


We’re on it, actually. It generates no sales.


@Jasonstevanhill Any idea why Assassin3006 can’t find the games then? That might be the cause of no sales.


I can’t seem to filter all the games to just the Choice of Games publisher, and some of them don’t seem to be there, but the Windows store has a number of them.


yeah I now buy most of the games from the windows store instead of kindle fire now, but I feel I may be the only one. I like the windows store option a lot better because I can see the coding for the game and change things, which I don’t think is possible on the fire.


I can’t find it on my windows phone store… But maybe you all could approach delight games LLC? They are pretty much the biggest choice game producers on the Windows phone market now


Yeah I’ve noticed that Delight Games have a relatively large amount of their sales from Windows’ phones. It’s weird that CoG doesn’t, but I suppose it’s because not many people have Windows’ phones.


I have wondered that myself how delight games seems to be able to generate lots of sales from the window platform. I am glad for it since I do have a windows phone and a surface.