Why are there so many HGs genderlocked to male?


Ellie specifies that she is a girl in all the first game and first game dlc clearly as day show her kissing her first love E3 shows Ellie kissing and rimantically dancing with a girl Dumbledore is a guy last book shows him as child in a flashback and everywhere is a HE his relationship with Grinderwald is clear as a day but is more problematic. Dorian is clearly a boy as he appointed himself as male in several moments like when defended himself as bigotry and talking about his childhood


I know Mara, that was exactly the point I was trying to make.


Sorry Irony doesnt traslate well with internet. I thought you had been played a very different games than me lol


It’s fine, misunderstandings happen. I’m not a native English speaker either so that sometimes gets in the way of getting my point across properly too. :yum:


From what I’ve seen from Google searching, stardew valley didn’t cause a ruckus it only was praised as a progressive story of seasons/harvest moon, Assassin Creed Syndicate also didn’t cause any except people wondering if the main character was bisexual or not, and the sims didn’t not recently anyways, maybe back in 2001 but you are correct about the rest.

I think some authors who forget about things and then when the novel/game/shows is over they remembered that they should’ve putted that but didn’t get to, so they confirm it off screen. There’s also the fact that some popular publishing/animation etc companies that unfortunately just don’t accept diverse things and the author/creator have to confirm a characters sexuality or gender off screen. I think those are majority times the case and it’s still representation. And also I remembered there’s deadpool, in all the comic books and movies he’s been in he dated females and only besides a couple of flirting with the Male characters there’s really nothing there but nevertheless people love the fact he’s pansexual and consider him representation.

I mostly meant hints, like a character does something that could be interpreted as that character might be non hetro or/and cis, like for example the recent Voltron ,there’s a gay character in there(which may or not had been handled horribly) and there was a hinted at character who maybe gay from the he looks at the Male characters and not showing any interest in the female characters. A lot of people see this character as gay or bisexual and the authors never stated they weren’t.(they stated something about a ship not becoming canon though) so it’s kind of like well they never said otherwise and the fans see him as representation.

Sorry if you took it like I’m silencing people, I don’t want it to seem like that, I just really like discussions.


I’m sorry too, I read your post as any character that doesn’t specify their entire being could technically be anything. So you could provide a huge list of super masculine guys who are never uncomfortable being treated and referred to as a man, are huge womanizers who never act interested in men, and you could just go “Okay sure, but does this almost painfully stereotypical man say he’s a man though? No? Then I guess you can’t complain because you can’t say 100% certainly that he’s not actually a bisexual woman! And that goes for 99% of characters so you don’t even have a right to complain!”

But now that you’ve clarified your meaning, I get it and even agree that it doesn’t harm anyone for people to interpret certain things in a way that adds representation for them. So I apologize for misunderstanding too. Discussions are great, I love them too. To end this on a happy note. :wink:


Oh yeah… Voltron… and the… gay character… who is the one who went through hell several times over and won’t be allowed to be happy… yeah…


Out of the nearly 200 games published under the HG and CoG brand, around 4-6 are gdnerlocked. Of these 2 are female, 4 are male. Of the ones that are male, they are divided by three series and two authors. Specifically, the Infinity Trilogy, A Study in Steampunk, and the very first Choice of Broadsides. Finally all the male genderlocks are years old.

I am completely lost on this whole ‘so many’, why people care after so long, and why this is a relevant discussion to be having now given the number of female genderlock WIPs planning to be released, which would even up the numbers.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, genderlocking a CYOA game is pointless. It forces the player into a role that they have no choice in. I don’t care if the setting means a genderlock is desirable. The author of HMS Foraker was clever and simply flipped every single gender in the game, so that the story remined the same.

You want a game that discusses gender roles? Fine. But take a page from HMS Foraker. The themes, attitudes, values, beliefs, etc. are exactly the same whether you are male or not.


Your numbers are off, man. Way more male genderlocked titles than that.


I was going off the descriptions of the games, if you would be able to provide a full list of HG male genderlocks, I would appreciate it. Although the ones I losted are the most popular by far.

However there have been no recent male genderlocks, and my stance against the practise of genderlocks stands.


Stats on the gender options in Hosted Games were posted a ways up–

You’re mixing up Choice of Broadsides with something else though–it wasn’t genderlocked male, it had the same gender-swapping system as HMS Foraker. There are no genderlocked games under the main Choice of Games label, they have a policy against it


So 19 out of 100+ games. When were they published, and how popular are they?

Most are several years old, and relatively few are popular games.


Except for the lost heir fames, lords of Infinity, sis…

And then there’s soh which might as well be locked the way it handles gender, by all means


For SoH, I don’t feel totally locked out even though I play as a female. It really depends on the individual. Some felt that playing either gender doesn’t change a thing but others felt it break the immersion.

I would suggest people try them for themselves first. At the very least, I get to play a female and I don’t have to feel discriminated just because playing a female ronin in our world seems not to be the norm.


So only 15% of the HG titles are genderlocked male. That’s actually less than I expected.


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