Why are there so many HGs genderlocked to male?


Ha! That’s fine, in real life. I won’t be playing you, after all. :wink: I don’t play people in real life, you see. :grin:

Doubt you are generic, by the way, or you would probably not be saying that… :thinking: Hopefully this answer wasn’t too generic, ahem.

I wouldn’t play it, but yay for diversity - it is what makes life (and games!) interesting. :smiley:


I’ve seen it in in many RPGs around (from Dragon Age to the Mass Effect trilogy, to Digimon Story - Cyber sleuth) but it actually punched me in the face with Samurai of Hyuga. I love these books, are still my favourite of the Hosted Games, but it irked me a lot the resume of the thropes “MC must like girls - or everyone think so - and the only male-locked character is in no way interested or even recognize the MC as female but flirt with every female character around, while the female locked character trow herself at the MC”.:roll_eyes:
It’s almost fun how the game could deliver all the thropes that irked me, but still make the game so engaging to me. So my compliment to the writer because he is good.


I’m pretty sure I saw VNs like that. Tho I suppose that’s not exactly what you are looking for.

Since I saw just now that the question of “height differences” was brought here I must say that it’s possible for a woman to be taller than a man. Irl I’m taller or am almost on the same height as some of the men I meet in everyday life… So if I see it in a fictional work that a woman is taller than a guy it isn’t offputting for me at all, actually I even like it if this appears in a fictional work since I’ve spent a long time feeling awkward about my height.
But if it still bothers some people, @TSSL had a good idea when they suggested that the MCs height could be customizable too. Acually it is already customizable in some of the games, right? (or were those just WIPs?)


Same here. A blessing and a curse and neither and both and either, innit? :laughing:


I don’t so much mind if the other characters make assumptions as long as they’re not actively being homophobic, and I get to romance a guy in the end. I played a VN a few months ago where several female ROs would show interest in the male MC without any action on the player’s part, while male ROs wouldn’t begin to show their feelings until the MC had initiated the romance, and I’m okay with that (I’d certainly prefer something more equal, but whatever). The real problem was that the male MC would seem to reciprocate the feelings of the female ROs, and would certainly be flirting with them, before the player could choose otherwise, and that I certainly disagree with… but I’m getting pretty off-topic right now… :sweat_smile:

Looked for, and got. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I meant specifically HGs.


Sounds like an example of where the writer tries to decide which RO should be more attractive for the player character instead of leaving this choice up to the player.


It would not annoy me if it wasn’t something that I happen to experience so many times in games…:sweat_smile:
Plus sometimes when female characters are very direct in their interest in my female MC is almost creepy. Expecially characters than happen to have know her for sometimes.
But in the end, it all depend on character and context: I can’t see Dragon Age Isabela without flirting heavily with my MC, no matter the sex, because she is a flirty bisexual woman who likes to tease too, so she would flirt no matter what every time, just for the fun of it.
But in other situations it just feel awkard and like my MC is just a second thougt, trow in the game with as little work as possible. (like lust deamons in Dragon Age always being female…just, I don’t like boobs. How can I remotely be enchanted by you? At least promise me a sexy guy to have as a sex slave! :laughing: )
I’m just tired of my orientation and gender be always the second thought, I guess.:expressionless:


I meant that to the reader it shouldn’t feel like it matters. Well to be frank, no idea. History of women being put down influenced the writers mind, personal problems, just being sexist. Take your pick


It’s imagination, just ignore the pronouns and think of whatever you want your charecter to be.

True but it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying a game.

I’m not saying it should, I’m saying the opposite. It should not matter to the central story or game at all


You make it sound simple. But I wonder; Can you read Guenevre and imagine a male MC in her place even if in your mind you change all the pronouns to male pronouns?


Yes, I can. When they mention me having children I just imagine that stupid arnoald movie where he gets pregnant

But I don’t, I just imagine me or an androgynous person (depending if I’m feeling like putting myself in the story, I’m not putting myself in a horror book but I’m gladly put myself in a epic fantasy game)


All I can say though not all could do what you can do unfortunately.


Wow… If you can really do that then I guess you are just lucky to be so adaptive. Actually I also tried stuff like this while playing games genderlocked to male, imagining how the player character is just cross dressing and pretending to be a guy or something like that, but in the end it still wasn’t the same.


I agree. XD I wish I could be more adaptive like the rest of them. I could manage to read the whole HP series and all of Sherlock Holmes novel as well as read mangas like Slam Dunk, Detective Conan and Hikaru no Go but when it comes to interactive fiction I just have to play my own gender.


So maybe this is where some of the problem is coming from with the gap in understanding between the two views. People like me and @Natman1025 from the sounds of it, just see a character role to be filled and adapt to it regardless of whether it is male, female, nonbinary or a dragon. Unless it’s a story which is genderlocked for the express purpose of reinforcing sexist stereotypes (which we have had WIPs like that turn up) I don’t have a major issue with it. I could play Gwen or I could play Arthur, it wouldn’t really bother me as long as I know who the character is meant to be.

I’m actually curious how you guys go with normal non-interactive fiction. Do you ever imagine yourself into the protagonist’s shoes? Or do you have that disconnect there as well if they’re not of the same gender? (Genuine curiosity question, nothing negative intended by it.)


With most of that fiction I don’t ever have a lasting connection at all. They are predetermined characters with lives, histories, and paths that I have no semblance of control over. Because of this I rarely need more than a basic shared connection with the character (similar personality usually) to be able to read and enjoy their stories.

For most Hosted Games you are told from the get-go that this is you. This is your story, you are doing these incredible feats. Because of this I have to have a stronger connection, because I have to see myself in the shoes of what the game is telling me is me. I simply can’t do that if the MC is male.


i think you are missing the most easy point that is so many games are gender locked because those type of games are more attractive to boys than girls…

for example: if u look into stories choices you play allmost all the dating games are gender locked as female


Non-interactive fiction is a whole other matter imo I can still read and enjoy a Harry Potter or a Percy Jackson book etc. I look at it as a story and not something what includes me as reader or where I would play a role.


I actually prefer to play IF as a male (as long as I’m not forced to be straight) even though I’m a female but I understand the majority isn’t like that


There is a difference when the story is told by the author and when the story is lived through the eyes of the protagonist. I think interactive fiction is where you live a story. So, I think it is natural for people to experience disconnect with the protagonist due to gender reasons. But for non-interactive fiction (where the story is told), I dont feel any disconnect