Which is easier?


I am currently writing a game (4 actually, but I’m going to focus on one for now), and I have a question:
Is it easier to focus on a group of branch storylines or to focus on the starting choices, and then work your way down. For example, say there is Choice A and Choice B. A and B both lead to 3 other choices (A2, A3, A4, B2, B3, B4). Is it easier to work on both and A and B, or A, A2, A3, and A4, or to work on A and B and then A2 and B2? Thank you in advance.


I tend to track all the branchs as I go. I think it would be harder to keep going back to add more branchs. Sometimes having to go back to the first branch to add code to make the new one work, would be confussing. Of course that’s just me.


A, A2, A3 and then B, B2, and B3 seems the easiest for me.

However, I tend to write a short snippet of each branch as I’m planning, so I can see the big picture. If I’m being adventurous I work completely out of order and pick branches in order of personal interest.


I have to agree with previous speakers. It’s easier to write, just as you go, then to go back every time you want to add something.


Where the narrative splits – the player’s choice leads to one of three possible scenes – I find it’s easiest to concentrate on the possibilities of one scene at a time. But when I’m inside a particular scene, I tend to jump around from one player choice to the next as my mood suits me; sometimes I’m just not feeling a particular course of action, so I try something else.


Alright everyone! Thanks for your answers. Now, all I need to do is figure out which story I should go with…