Where do WIPs go when finished?

Something that has been bugging me for a while, where do WIPs go when they are completed?

To the hosted games in the wiki if they are accepted

Magical Isn’t it?

well i think it depend if you choose to publish them as hosted games at choiceofgames

Choice of Games has written an explicit section, stating what to do if you are interested in submitting a game, whether user-made or professionally.

I don’t know why authors here don’t simply complete a game and send it directly to the hosted section, after letting Choice of games know that they have a game ready. Perhaps, it’s a tradition to solicit audience engagement.

I’m pretty sure if it’s a rule to post your work in the WIP section, before being previewed, it would have been stated upfront. Or maybe I might have missed it somewhere.

“Completing a game” isn’t as easy as it may sound. Audience encouragement can help. And input from readers can in any case greatly strengthen a game. I certainly intend to put my own half-game draft up here for feedback before finishing it.