When is the right time to post a WIP?

Oh, thanks for the thread!! I guess this one isn’t needed. Feel free to close it or comment anyway xd

I think we can discuss something different but relevant instead. Otherwise, I’d like to see others’ opinion anyway.

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Neither – In my opinion, the most efficient time to post a WiP is when you need feedback to advance your making of the game.

This varies from project to project.

The stronger you are in writing and story-telling the later you can wait to post the text of the game; the stronger in coding you are the longer you can wait to post the mechanics.

How strong you are in both should determine when you post the demo.

I’ll give you an example focusing on one of my own projects:

Example: Game I wrote and developed for Contest – I wrote the game and developed the mechanics already and in doing so, I discovered I am stronger in my writing than in my coding. It needs to be re-written and reworked in mechanics to be ready for publication.

I will rewrite the entire text/prose of the game before I ask for feedback on it - I already know I can write but I will eventually have specific questions (ie does my NonBinary RO work?) that I want feedback for. So I will wait until I reach those specific needs to ask for feedback on the story-side.

I also found that I am a code-disaster when coding and so, I will seek feedback on my code almost immediately on rewriting. I will get through the introduction level of the game, so there will be complete mechanics, however, since there is going to be multiple changes and refinements done, I will need to get a demo going fast and furious …

I hope this helps.


I usually post when I have the first chapter done (I’m the type who doesn’t write intros/prologues), but that can have variable results. If you have a really long first chapter, expect a lot of discussion and feedback. If you don’t, most people will comment “oh this is good!” or “I like this” and not much else. If you post multiple chapters, imo, that’s even better. Even just two chapters is a great starting place to get feedback.

That’s how I try to do it, but again, it depends on what you need. I usually don’t get a lot of feedback that requires me to make major changes because I’m pretty good at coding (my ongoing fight with the gender select in Voltaic notwithstanding), and I’m fairly decent at writing coughhumblebragcough so I try to post a bunch of stuff all at once to get as much feedback immediately as I can.


I will bring The voice of negativity grumpyness and my sincere opinion about my totally incompetence. as a way to vent my own frustrations about my totally lack of confidence in myself. And Maybe to achieving no one commit the same mistakes I am committing right now.

I have all prepared to show a good chunk of a fan project about 20,000 words on one playthrough. I objectively think is a good side I have ironed all code bugs has passed quick text and random so Even if Has lots of grammar bugs is totally in a playable stat for a beta starting.

Then you say well WHY THE FUCK YOU DON’T SHOW IT?

Because I am a coward. Simple as that. I have so many fear to failure That i can’t shown what have made. Even if I think is okay to show. I think each author has in some moments fight against this lack of confidence wall. I am totally incapable of tear down the wall. And is not a sensation irecommend to anyone having something you want to share but being so coward to doing it.

So to anyone in my situation… Just jump it and show your world tear the fucking wall made for your own insecurities. Just releasing the fucking demo and be proud of your work. If you don’t want end hanging in doubts months like a moron like I am doing.


mara, i think your post just gave me the kick in the ass i needed to finally post my unpolished demo :sweat_smile:

i keep talking myself out of it because i want to have a lot more written and because there’s a lot of refinement needed (lots of placeholders), but the idea is solid, the demo is playable, and i’ve worked hard to make the publishing post clear and appealing… but yeah, I think there’s a layer of fear keeping me from posting.

as long as you have a demo and are ready to receive critique and take time to improve it, i think the timing is right.


You have given me confidence as well So we together will release our demos. When you release it I will follow. So we have each other to build confidence what in Spanish call cojones that is more about bravery that the organ itself. :hugs: That’s the goal of my post cheer up people and cheer up myself in the process.


i’ve gotten to this point where i’m so in my own head with my WIP that I need the breathing room of actual feedback and reaction. every time that i’m like “oh shit, but what do i put here… does that stat make sense… but what if i… but will people like this…”, i need to remember there’s a forum full of people that could potentially alleviate that constant doubt and mental torture with analysis, opinions, advice, etc.

so you’ve got a deal, mara! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i want to post tonight (i think we’re in the same time zone?), so i’ll be on the lookout for yours :eyes:

@trevers17 yeah, that all makes a lot of sense! i recently realized that my own game is gonna have hellishly long chapters, to the point of needing to split each one into 2 parts, but hopefully that’ll lead to meaty updates and good, substantive feedback in the future.


We have a deal :fist_left: So any of us will be alone in the nervous breakdown lol :wink:

Also I know the feeling of reread your own work until words same to blur lol. and re writing over and over…

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I’ve just posted a WIP recently, and I’ve received substantial feedback, so I believe it is safe to say that the community is full of eager, well-meaning individuals that would no-doubt provide any and all constructive outlooks and inspiration for you! I’ve received some of the greatest support for my work through these forums, so I have no doubt you will be met with open and hospitable arms.

I generally wished to post my original WIP with at least two chapters and enough character introduction to give a generalized idea of how the story would progress, and just what my writing style is, although I’ve seen numerous WIP that either simply do an introduction lasting around 5-10k words up to lengthy 100-150k unfinished novels, so it’s purely up to you, as they both receive feedback, although it should be assumed logically that the more work you have, the more there is to review.


I think it depends on what you’re looking for by posting it.

If you want genuine feedback about the mechanics, or the story, or the characters, etc. then you post it when you feel you have enough substantiated to convey those things. That could be a few chapters, that could be the “prologue”, or that could be a substantial chunk of the game. Just make sure it is long enough to cover those things you’re looking for and think represents your story and writing.

A demo can also work as a motivator because some authors work best when they get encouragement, even if it isn’t in-depth feedback. Sometimes an author wants to build interest and support for a game before its release, and will post a demo and then answer more questions to build that interest and community and develop lore and characters.

Whatever it is, make sure you have enough to get back what you want, and it will be perfect! : )

The only thing I would recommend against is jumping the gun and posting a demo that you just started/just got the idea for. While it is exciting to share your writing, it happens a lot that these end up abandoned because the author realizes later that they don’t want to develop it into a full game and all that goes into it. There is an interest check we have that works for getting that initial push, if you just wanna garner a general receptive of it. :hugs:


Ah, you guys! Posting something that you poured work into will always be better than posting nothing at all. If you enjoyed writing it, and it’s something you would play, there will be people that love it and that’s not ever going to be a failure.


The Interest Check thread is absolutely invaluable if you’re concerned about whether an idea is good. When I first formulated the idea for Voltaic, I had a very base concept, a large cast of characters, and a few mechanic ideas. The feedback I got helped me expand the concept by forcing me to explain it, reduce the cast so I don’t overwork myself, and conceptualize the mechanic into something I can code. I also saw that there was a lot of interest in the idea, so I ran with it. Here I am, two chapters later with the rest of the story fleshing itself out right before me.

Trust me, there’s someone out there for every idea. No one’s going to outright shoot your idea down unless it’s, like, illegal or something.


Wow your posts are almost always :heavy_dollar_sign:

Your advice to me re: the CCH3 beta was spot on, and I’d encourage others to consider it too…“What do you need from other forum goers?” The answer to that probably determines when you post your WiP.