What's an average revenue number for a Hosted Games title?

I’m interested in learning a bit more details about how everything works financially as far as royalties go as well, if anyone doesn’t mind sharing?

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I’m not sure what you are asking. Every month we get a statement showing the number of sales on each platform and our royalty cut for each, as well as a handy lifetime-to-date sales total. If you mean the percentage, we get 25% of the net, which is roughly 17.5 cents on the dollar because of 30% of every sale going to the marketplace (Apple/Google/Steam/Amazon). So a $1.99 game gets you about 35 cents a sale, 2.99 earns you .52, and so on.


Since it’s a new decade I sat down and did some stats for Fallen Hero: Rebirth and sales (yes I am procrastinating bugfixes).

Just sharing an example of what my sales curve looks like, more complex than I would have imagined.


Jesus effing Christ, lol. I thought my numbers were good, but if that’s in units sold I am extremely humbled!

My peak at launch was 4407 (to be fair, it launched at the end of the month) followed by 2730. Since then I’ve averaged 556 sales a month with ups and downs of course.


I have no idea what other people’s sales are, none at all. But yeah that’s in units sold. It was a chance to pick the lower price point, but I think it paid off.