What is your go to character names and write ins?


I go male in most of my stories and my go to name would be Lucas. I don’t know, I just really like that name. If I opt to go for a female character I would use the name Elise. Those two names I like for some reason. Last names would be a suggested name or something I made up depending on genre if there isn’t any offers. The spelling also differs on time and area (Lukas, Lukause, Elyse, Aleyse)

Lucas would usually be an sly charming kind of dude. Into dudes and is a hopeless romantic, putting his loved ones over himself if needs be. Would sacrifice himself for his lover (I have yet to see a game that does this and the story follows the aftermath for a while. If anyone knows any stories like this hit me up).

Elise would be an adventurous type of person if it allows her to. I think of sheltered princess eager to explore given the chance to. She’s straightforward and blunt. Love interests is whoever I’m feeling would make a good pair with her.


My real Name Konstantin Kunz always if possible.


Wow. I didn’t realize how consistent people were in their character naming. I am not. At all. My names always fit setting, personality, and/or appearance when available before the naming process. I also actually go out of my way to use new names especially if I am replaying something. I also pride myself on being as creative and appropriate as possible every time. So yeah. Zero consistency. Lol.

Overall I enjoy using names that are gender neutral/gender non specific. Especially ones that tend to lean more one gender on the opposite gender. Like a male named Courtney or a female named Billie. If nicknames are an option I usually chose a name that is gender specific but can be shortened into a name that belongs to the opposite. Examples would be Julian becomes Julie or Maxine turns into Max. But I also really like what I call ridiculous hippie names such as Pheonix Ash Rivers or Misty Willow Rose or Topaz Azul Stone or Poppy Summer Thorn. Just as silly as possible. Like I said… zero consistency. Lol.


I lack a lot of creativity when it comes to names so I tend to reuse the same one since I play male characters anyways.

Usually it’s Jihoon regardless of the genre, which is quite entertaining because imagine someone in Ancient Rome named Jihoon Aurelius :joy:


My go to character name is Alex,Alexander,Alexis and Alexandra

They are usually either cruel,Sarcastic,boring,happy go lucky,calm etc.
(But someday’s I wonder why I always use that name…) (I also use the name Ayolay but I don’t really wan’t to talk about that right now…)


My go to is usually either Elijah or Warren. On the rare occasion I play a gender-locked female game, my go to is Rita. I’ve been in love with the name ever since I’ve first heard it on Dexter.


I most of the time choose author’s given name because my name is awkward in the settings. If the name’s not provided by the author, I begrudgingly enter my real name. Burmese names don’t have last names or middle names, just names and I’ve to enter my name’s last syllable as my last name. It feels unpleasant hearing my cut off name as my last name.


I always name my female characters Roselyna. I don’t care much about surnames, so I usually just pick whatever fits best from the ones provided. Otherwise I go for Dela Cruz.

If there’s a female RO I’m totally interested in, I’ll play as a male character and name him Wayne.

If I get to name someone else, I’ll choose the other one, and if it’s a pet they’ll be named either Rosie or Waynie. Sometimes I’ll go for Russell, Rayne, or Waynella if I want to genderbend them.

I usually focus on the charm stat if there’s one (they’re a flirty bunch), and magic/healing if it’s available.

And if these names sound familiar to you, thank you for checking out my WIP! :laughing:


If I do reader insert then I tend to name my character Alex or Alexandra or a variant of that name bc that’s my middle name and since I don’t use that much irl I’m still comfortable with reading it in a game.
If I play a knight woman kinda character then I name her Leina after the first character I finished the Baldur’s Gate series with who was a paladin.
When I name a character who is supposed to be famous or looks kinda like a model (not the too skinny ones) then my “go to name” is Dominique. Idk I just kinda like the sound of this name.

But other than these I try to name every MC differently since I like to come up with different MCs/OCs so to say for each game.


Carey because Mariah Carey, and Dew because the last name Dew fits with any name.

Or I just name them after foods/drinks when I’m really not feeling the story and want to spice it up. Having someone called me Spicy Buffalo Chicken makes me laugh, and at the same time… Makes me very hungry.


My go-to is Kane. When I was younger my father read me Roger Zelazny’s Nine Princes in Amber, and one of the princes is named Caine. I did not know the spelling but I loved the name.

I also use this method; take the first name of a fire emblem character and the last name of either a Viking warlord or a communist leader (depending on how serious the setting is).
I’ve played as
Erika Wartooth
Seth Pannekoek
Chrom “the boneless”
Marth Castro

If there’s a spaceship or even a regular ship I usually go with “The Hemingway”. I like Hemingway’s writing but more than that it just feels like a good name for a ship. Aesthetics are more my reason than a tribute to Hemingway himself.


Depending on setting and what type of character I’m playing, for female it will be either Katherine(my favorite name period, it’s such a beautiful name), Saryn, Quinn or Sam(short for Samantha if you can choose to have a nickname). Same situation for last names if you can choose one, either Ryder, Petrova or Blake(same for male).
I really only play male if it’s genderlocked and I tend to go with John or Sam. Boring I know, but I always liked the name Sam, and it works for both male and female perfectly, and John’s my middlename…

Any pets will always be named Chance, regardless of what kind of animal it is.


I have a method to names.
Modern day: Jack
18-19th century: Jack or William
Medieval: Arron, Robert or Bruce
Fantasy elf (I will always be a elf no matter what it is): Rithon
Fantasy and can’t be elf: same as medieval


My mc’s are named Van, Val, Valen, some variation of my name or some name that starts with V, if I name anyone or an animal I’ll go with the default or look up themed names depending on the story setting or character personality , unless it’s a horse, then I will name it Cinnamon.


For Male runs I typically use my given name with the surname Trevelyan from dragon age if applicable.

On female runs I tend to jump around tho Emily, Xia, Petricia are frequent takers.

If I don’t like the available horse names I will typically go with SaddleSores.

If I get the option to give a female companion a nickname I frequently go with Manhands.

In a dwarf noble run for DAO I named the Dog Trian, and my son Varrick.

My favorite totem team names are Spectrum, Lani’s Amazing Hench People, and Totally. Not. Kate. Amaya. Chi. Randy. But. Probably. Lani. Because. Who. Else. Could. Afford. A. Billboard. Big. Enough. To. Fit. A. Name. This. Long?


These days my goto name for female characters is Aoife. I don’t play male characters unless it is an established character (like Geralt in Witcher) and I have no choice.


Well because I play Choice of Games Games because I can be there a better version of myself. If I want to play a preset character I am doing that on RPGs like Shadowrun: Hong Kong and not on CYA games because then I could just read a book.


I generally tend to use my real name. If I’m going to be role-playing a character whose choices matter, I want those choices to be a reflection of what I personally feel and would do. Choosing a pre-made name or writing in another name takes away some of the interest for me, cause it somehow feels that I’m making choices for someone else and not myself.


My go-to don’t-want-to-think names are Kestrel and Kay. If I get two names, I’m probably Kay Gold.

Also, I guess readers of Choice of Magics would be vaguely interested to know that my Guild Wars character was named Damien Abraxas. But, I didn’t name the god in Choice of Magics after my character - they’re both named after the Herman Hesse quote “If a chick cannot manage to break its shell, the world will die without ever being born. [something something] The chick flies to god. The god’s name is Abraxas.”

Yup. Totally didn’t name that god after my Guild Wars character, nope nope nope


As far as names go I don’t have one for first names but I use Darrow for the surname and for the superhero stories ill use something DnD or king Arthur related for the hero identity