What is your favourite abandoned wip?

Hi all,

We have all seen many wips or ideas for games abandoned by fellow forum members due to one reason or another.
Personally, I find it difficult to see so many gems being discarded and so I would like to ask the question: what is your favourite abandoned game and why?

Disclaimer: I am not criticising members of the forum who have created and abandoned their game as I have unwillingly abandoned a work in progress myself. I have merely created this thread as to allow people to share abandoned ideas and perhaps even finish the work of someone else.

There’s an older topic on this here: Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

I mention it because I went through it one lazy weekend day and read each one that was posted. There are many in there that I would love to see picked back up, especially Team Zero and Switch.


Please post on the other topic instead. Thanks.

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