What is something from an IF game or series you enjoy that makes you uncomfortable/ throws you off?


I mean I bet lots of people like it but openly visible personality stats just annoy me. I am not going to drop a game because of it, but I’d rather it be hidden or something.


This made me not finish the game! I bought Study in Steampunk because of the title and the beautiful art cover, then realized (too late, I might add) that I couldn’t play as myself (as a woman). Really, it couldn’t have been more off-putting.

I even tried modifying it with mods, so I would feel like playing it, but I didn’t find anything, so I simply accepted the fact that I wasted my hard-earned money (I have to pay 4x more because I live in Brazil and our currency is “reais”) on something I’ll never read.


The only female protagonist in Detroit wants to be a mother and have a family. The guys always get to be the true heroes in his games’ stories.

Having said that, nothing compares to the cringy female character in Heavy Rain. I erased her name from my mind, that stupid simulation of a human being. All she ever did throughout the game was to get naked several times, kissing the true hero and basically just being there. She was obvious, utter eye candy. I don’t know why I keep playing his games.

Even so, I truly enjoyed Detroit, and it is so worth it! Follow Brian Dechart on Twitter, twitch and YouTube, he streams his playthroughs, which is much nicer to watch since he played Connor, one of the best protagonists.


And he hung out with Jack Septiceye


It wouldn’t be too hard to add in a female option to Study in Steampunk, but it would be very tedious, and would probably clash with the setting a lot, also not sure how modding would even work with CoG, at least for playing on a device. I toyed around with the idea of a “Mulan” mod for Sabres of Infinity a looong time ago, but I don’t want to interfere with Cataphrak’s vision, especially because I consider the Infinity series an excellent story as is



Slightly off topic, but on the subject of quantic dream, and the good and bad of their games…

Caroline Marchal, who was a dev for Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, and Detroit. Recently left the company to start her own studio called Interior Night. They haven’t announced details of their first project, beyond saying they’re partnering with Sega to produce a narrative game.

Fingers crossed we’ll get something like a Quantic Dream game without all the David Cageiness.


And I bet it won’t even be on Xbox pouts bitterly muttering all the good story RPGs go to Sony"


I’ve watched in the end the gameplay from one of my favourite youtubers.
Many problems here: the female protagonist is the only story that can basically be cut out and the story doesn’t change at all. Is a plus, not part of the plot.
At the same time, I find it quite cute. Is rare a female protagonist with a motherly role…I can remember only the Fallout 4 protagonist, and is very badly done, unnecessary, and poorly handled on many levels.

Kara’s story is cute, the only problem I have is how little plot relevance it have (would have been great if Alice was…well, something more important to the plot.) and how little connection have with the other protagonists.

Still, Kara is light years better than Heavy Rain woman. But her story seem…added later. With less intersection as possible with the main ones.

There are many problems with Detroit overall, but I dare say that is a big step up from previous works. The road is still long, but one step is done, hopefully.
I guess I’m going to play it one day.


This happened to me as well and I was incredibly frustrated.

I’m amazed that even now CoG still doesn’t reliably label a game with gender choice or gender locked.


Oh, yeah. I was so pissed about how unimportant to the main plot she was. The story is cute, I enjoyed her scenes, but why couldn’t they have made it matter?


This is cool! I’ll keep an eye out for it. :))))


It is sad that Kara’s role in what was originally her influence in making Detroit a full game was reduced, and part of me wonders what it might have been like if she was placed into the Markus role as resistance leader instead. That said I really felt her relationship with Alice was well handled. I also want more games with choice mechanics to have that awesome complex flow chart and see what can happen…

I like Maddison too from Heavy Rain but I can agree her character did seem to spend most of her time threatened either violently or sexually. I would have cut out Norman altogether and expanded her role if it had been up to me.


Yeah. I was always expecting Connor to learn something that would make him on the tracks of Kara and Alice for some reason, giving more substance to the main plot and the intersection of the characters story. But it never happen.

Is not bad, but I felt Detroit had much storytelling potential that wasn’t tapped. The main characters are well done, and I love them, but it could have been much more.


I think a lot of us saw that Connor and Markus were ideologically opposed in principle and assumed that Kara might be the mediator and one who could swing the android uprising either way. But that’s not what happened. Since Markus is my favourite character I don’t mind too much since he was pretty flexible in what he could do.


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We’ll bang, OK? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I just want you to know that your sense of humor is incredible. I read this entire thread and you had me cackling.


I’m guilty of playing as a female character and then just romancing the women in the game I like anyway. I’ve played a lot of lesbian characters. If the game prevents that I’m less happy.


When you get to see a scene/discussion between 2 or more characters without MC being present to see and/or hear it. That gives me the impression that game changes the POV. If I remember correctly, “The Wayhaven Chronicles” had a scene like that… at least when I played that game for first time a year ago.
Hell, even if the MC somehow dreamed this scene in their sleep (like in “Children of the Gods”), I would still have accepted that as an explanation as to why we see this scene in the first place.

Anyway, as for gender locked games (doesn’t matter if we are talking about video games or CoGs), I personally have nothing against them but they aren’t my cup of tea either. I wouldn’t go on and play gender locked games but when I do, I would avoid romanticising any of the ROs regardless of what gender they are.
That aside, I prefer games where I can customise the MC anyway I want to and I’m a massive fan of those because of the freedom these games tend to give.

I know that you guys are talking about “Black Magic” but I really want to give my opinion on it, even if I never have played that game.
Technically, no, it’s not “less of a problem” when they have seduction powers. But if they are a woman and you specifically said that your character is into men only… and your character is not bothered by the fact that they suddenly became attracted to this female character in that way… I’m sorry but this is where you lost me. The opposite is true too - the character in question is a guy and you specifically said that your character is interested in women only.
I don’t know but from what I hear, there is absolutely no distress in the MC when it should have been there. It’s as if they choose to simply roll with it anyway. This is disappointing in a way for me.

Yeah, I can see what you mean. While I understand what motivates Kara, I find her part of the game very boring and unnecessary. The only thing that I found interesting in it is when the daughter was revealed to be an Android too.
From the 3 storylines in “Detroit: Become Human”, I personally really liked Connor’s story the most because of his character development (how he goes from an Android who is programmed to hunt down Deviants to Deviant who goes in his way to save and help other Androids), mystery investigation and the different methods he uses.


I’d say this happens a lot. Sometimes it’s a good thing. I don’t want to give examples, but I’ve read plenty of choice and hosted games that have done this with their “messaging,” but I will trudge through it if there is still a good story, challenge, etc. The same is true with traditional novels, video games, or any other form of art.