What is something from an IF game or series you enjoy that makes you uncomfortable/ throws you off?


That sounds specific


@Magiller Basically I totally agree with what you said about the lack of choices. I find that the choices if well defined change the way I feel about the story even if they don’t immediately effect big changes of what happens next.


Have you been reading my 10th grade diary?


Not any more or less specific than calling a narrative tool a forcing choice, but eh.


I wouldn’t care unless one of the creators explicitly said that’s what they were going for.

I instantly thought of this anime (Demihuman something) with a succubus who goes out of her way not to inconvenience anyone (dresses prudishly, lives miles away from everyone, barely talks to anyone, believes she’ll be alone forever)


I don’t really enjoy choices that say because you aren’t currently romantically interested in any of the ro you’re automatically ace or aro. Umm no? Maybe i’m just not interested in your characters that way yet.

I also get turned off by choices in the early ass chapters that ask you who you want to bang immediately. We barely got started? Tf?


It throws me off when the solution for including a female MC is to just genderflip everyone. Even if the game is set in mediavel times I much prefer if they mix up the genders (for example there could be a few women among the soldiers even if the majority of them are still men stuff like that). Instead of just making women have mens role and men having womens role in society.


I gotta agree with some of the points made here. Choice of romance definitely felt like it was made for females. Also, I can’t play a game gender locked to a female. I immediately just lose interest once it’s stated. All that aside. What really grinds my gears is the way we have to agree 100 percent with our love interest to romance them. That’s just ridiculous. Disagreements bring emotion into the story. Which further emerses me into your fictional world. I just don’t see the “yes man” being attractive to anyone.


Yeah and it makes us come off as desperate or manipulative. A person just trying to get into others pants. Gross…

ro: Man, I love gummi worms.

mc: Nods head vigorously Yes.Yes indeed.
Gummi worms are just the best.The holy grail of all past time confectionaries. You’re sooo deep and intelligent RO I love you 5ever. (Dat means more than 4ever)


dat means more than 4ever

take me now


Customizing character’s appearance. I wish there was a “skip” choice for games that have it :confused:


Really? That’s so important to me. What don’t you like about it?

Did you mean the main character, or other characters on the story. If it’s the second one then yeah it’s pretty unnecessary.


I meant main character. (But yes also for other characters.))
I’d like to have this blurry image of MC inside my head. When I choose hair/eye color I feel forced to imagine the MC “detailed”… if that makes sense? :sweat:


It does. It must be just personal taste. Because I need that sharp image of who I am to fully enjoy the story.


I found Character Customization important to be more immersed in the character
As for myself I can’t play a female gender lock because I can’t relate to the character since I’m a man i don’t find it appealing to me if there is no real reason behind it


I was playing that game about dragoons with gender-locked male MC. While I generally prefer games letting you play as female and non-binary characters, it was not gender-locking that threw me off. It was that time when my MC learned about a group of progressive noblewomen and was shocked that ladies were discussing politics. Such topics weren’t right for gentle female disposition! I looked at the screen and thought “MC, why are you like this? You looked at female elven soulders in previous game and thought that your country should let women figth. You argued that women should let women in the military in front of the king. Why are you so shocked now?!”


Actually if you have a feminist MC, he can be pleasantly surprised. I don’t remember how, but when I get the conversation with Kat my MC always reacts with pride


He can? Interesting, maybe I should try to replay it.


It tracks feminist as a secret stat. Be warned though, being feminist will give you a rather large hit to your reputation. Although one of the romances is gated behind it. As to the reason your MC reacts like that, Tierra is a patriarchal society, and has also been in Antar at war for the better part of a decade, quite disconnected from any social fashions or changes


What game it is? It sounds interesting.