What is *sm_update, *sm_save, *sm_load, and *sm_delete?

I found a text document in my ChoiceScript file titled “save” that includes the commands: *sm_update, *sm_save, *sm_load, and *sm_update. I don’t recognize these codes. The text in the document is below. What is this for and how can I use it in my game? *edit: Szaal in Post 3 states that these commands have been deprecated (no longer used), because there is a newer version of a save system that is used on DashingDon for beta testing. I chose the solutions that trevers17 gave on Post 7, which explained that there is a new command “*sm_init” and provides a link where we can get more information on using that updated save system. Furthermore, trevers17 also explained in Post 10 that this plain is not connected to CSide, only DashingDon (DD), so it won’t work in the CSide app like I thought it would, only DD.

*label top
*temp action “save”
Detected {_sm_save_count} saves. *line_break *if (_sm_save_count >= 1) Last save was {_sm_save_name[0]} on ${_sm_save_date[0]}

*if (action = “save”) # [Quick Save]
*sm_save “Quick Save”
*goto top
*if (action = “save”) # [New Save]
*temp save_name “”
What would you like to call this save?
*input_text save_name
*sm_save save_name
*goto top
# Load
*set action “load”
*goto menu
# Delete
*set action “delete”
*goto menu

*label menu
*temp offset 0
*label menu_offset
*temp selected_save_id 0
What would you like to {action}? *fake_choice *if ((action != "save") and (_sm_save_count > offset)) # {_sm_save_name[offset]} {_sm_save_date[offset]} *set selected_save_id _sm_save_id[offset] *if ((action != "save") and (_sm_save_count > (offset + 1))) # {_sm_save_name[offset+1]} {_sm_save_date[offset+1]} *set selected_save_id _sm_save_id[offset+1] *if ((action != "save") and (_sm_save_count > (offset + 2))) # {_sm_save_name[offset+2]} {_sm_save_date[offset+2]} *set selected_save_id _sm_save_id[offset+2] *if ((action != "save") and (_sm_save_count > (offset + 3))) # {_sm_save_name[offset+3]} {_sm_save_date[offset+3]} *set selected_save_id _sm_save_id[offset+3] *if ((action != "save") and (_sm_save_count > (offset + 4))) # {_sm_save_name[offset+4]} ${_sm_save_date[offset+4]}
*set selected_save_id _sm_save_id[offset+4]
*if ((action != “save”) and (_sm_save_count > (offset + 5))) # --> Next
*set offset + 5
*goto menu_offset
*if (offset > 0) # <-- Previous
*set offset - 5
*goto menu_offset
# Return
*goto top
*if (action = “load”) and (selected_save_id > 0)
*sm_load selected_save_id
*if (action = “delete”) and (selected_save_id > 0)
*sm_delete selected_save_id
*goto menu

Guessing here, but it looks like it could be the long hoped-for save-feature?

They’re deprecated commands for CJW’s older save plugin.


Thanks for that. What is the most up-to-date save plugin?

On the same thread, it’s the smPlugin.js.
Basically the simplified version from the one you were asking without the need of aforementioned commands.

It only uses *sm_init command. I’m sure you’re familiar with that already.


Actually, I’ve never used it yet. Don’t know how it really works yet.

This is how to use the command. Just add it to startup.txt.

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Mine says non–existent command ‘sm_init’

Because it’s not integrated into CSIDE yet. It only works on DashingDon.

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Ok. I haven’t uploaded anything yet into DashingDon, so as soon as I do, then I will try to make it happen. Thanks so much!

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You’re welcome! Please make sure to mark a specific post as the solution to your problem so future users with the same problem can find their answer quickly. Select the checkmark
symbol in the list at the bottom of the post (you may need to select the ellipsis to see more options first).

I chose a solution and made an edit in paragraph one of my original post to give other readers some information to help them know what they can do if they want to use a save system for when they are beta testing on DashingDon. Thanks so much Fava (@Szaal) (again, as always - you know you have responded at least once to every single question I have asked, and quite quickly, thanks for always having my back) and Trever (@trevers17) (thanks for providing the information and link on *sm_init.)

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Question resolved!