What is an underused character trope/archetype/etc that you love/wanna see more of?

Honestly? I never go for those. It feels mentally and emotionally difficult enough to keep up with one RO, let alone two.


As a concept or plot point I agree, they can be very interesting and ultimately, you do you. Personal preference? Not my cups of tea and very rarely, if ever, do I go for those routes.


Ice queen, but tsundere as well. You never see them done in IF


I like to play tsundere Sidestep :rofl::rofl:

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I’m actually writing something similar to that for my visual novel.

It’s a little dark, well pretty dark. Most are “negative” ones

  1. Where the character is emotionally broken or exhausted, where you can really see it whether it be in choices ((for players)) or just how NPC’s are with their reactions. Theres a few subsets for these.

A. The character is already one of the two, and slowly gets better as they mend and put themselves back together; possibly with the help of others. This is okay, i guess? This is the one thats used more often.

B. Same as A, except they DONT get better. And i dont mean all of this in like a “boohoo am sad” kind of way. Idr the WIP, or where it was. But the MC had choices where they obviously were just hanging on by a thread from their mothers emotional dependency.

C. Where the MC breaks, A Mage Reborn did this really well; made even better when the author actually shows scenes showing how the NPCs regret what happened. I guess its like, you never realize how amazing/beautiful something is, until its broken into pieces.

Note: Generally only like them when it’s the character affected. I cringe, and always hesitate to click on a choice that is obviously cruel and hurting another character.

  1. You never really see it, but a genuinely evil MC ((Lol and i just mentioned how i hesitated above)) But with this, i mean full evil. Normally, its chaotic/neutral-ish characters who dip their toes in evil that i dont like. The reluctant villain trope. Where theyre normally goodish, ick. If I’m gonna do an evil run i wanna go HAM.

  2. Pure seething rage/hatred. If you want an example, go Shield Hero season 1ish. Where it noticeably effects the character, and everything they do.

  3. The “if I’m going to burn, the world will burn with me” trope.

While typing all of this, i had the line from Wreck it Ralph in my head “Just because you are bad guy, does not mean you are a bad guy”


Ngl, the first thing that came to mind about the genuinely evil part, is Jack Horner

Might have been mentioned somewhere in here already, but I think older characters need more representation. For my own writing, that is definitely something I need to improve on. I think most of the games in progress or otherwise have prots that are young to adult, but rarely do we get an elderly prot, which is clearly a problem.


Yay, certainly. I think it would feel more realistic. Reminds me of the Not Love Interest trope.

What about a sci-fi setting where the characters are in a computer/something similar, but on a much larger scale (lots of meta moments and horror potential), and someone has control of the computer?

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Mc from mass mother murderer. Selfish person who kills for personal goals but target the not so innocent. A character who combines being a psycho, vigilante and someone who embrace their vile nature.

I think something along the lines of snape,where they starts off as enemy. But it comes out that they were really on your side or against the real villian. Maybe a true Anti hero/villian route in games,along with the good and bad options as far as mc’s go. Maybe the batman/catwoman trope of the good and bad or morally gray character getting together. Also think more books in the scifi/spy genre would be dope.


I like how this thread just randomly gets active for a bit lol /lh


I’ve only seen it once and that was in the anime (Demon Slayer), but I like the competent coward trope. That is a character who can do A LOT OF things but is cowardly by nature and avoids any conflict even though he would definitely win. If you know of any other examples like this in media, I’d love to hear them.


Stark in the anime Sousou no Frieren is kinda like that


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Hm. Do they need to actually be a coward and avoid fighting because they’re afraid of it, or is it enough for them to seem to be one because they avoid fighting for some other reason?

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Stark is certainly not a coward. However, being a kind soul, he won’t fight without a good reason.

That’s cool, but kinda… common?

Haha, I mean they are such cowards, scared of literally everything. That’s what makes it so amusing.

The irony is that they essentially have nothing to fear because they are so powerful.

Don’t Wake Me Up on HG is kind of like that, actually!

The concept you state is pretty broad, but I’m imagining a gameshow host-esque developer/moderator/whatever. The dynamics in that situation would be so entertaining haha; “I guess they’re technically like. My god? If God was one of those parent influencers that make their kids rerecord takes of them crying after news of a family members’ death because it “wouldn’t attract enough engagement” or whatever??”