What is an underused character trope/archetype/etc that you love/wanna see more of?

Well, now I want to make that “married to a supervillain”-story even more.


Hmm the two that have been on my mind the most as of late would be truly monstruous RO’s(not necessarily in terms of appearance but more outlook/mindset like a eldritch horror that’s taken a humanoid form) that finds softer/more “human” parts of themselves through their bond with the MC and MC or RO’s with disabilities(not for any kind of “savior” complex kinda stuff but rather for tender moments and romantic versions of the “blind and the beast” trope; blind mc falls for gorgon/medusa kinda char anyone?).

There was a wip called “Until the Colors Bleed Gray” that had a blind mc in a modern setting(sadly i think its not active) that had me daydreaming of tender moments like my mc tracing their ro’s face to 'see" them.


The loyal friendships. I’m thinking like lord of the rings as an example here, so many strong friendships between multiple characters without a hint of romance.(In fact the friendships tended to be stronger than any of the romances portrayed.) It kinda seems so often in IF, if there’s a strong friendship, co-workers, etc happening, it has to progress to being a RO which I think is a huge shame as it one notes all the different kinds of relationships with others that are possible. I’d like to see more strong ties that don’t even have a hint of anything to do with romance (friendships, family, duty etc) portrayed in CSGs as it just seems comparatively rare. Grim and I is one of the few I can think of that gives priority to exploring the relationship between the two main characters in a platonic way.


More robot ROs, and exploring what would come of such a relationship. And I don’t just mean “oblivious confused but interested” robot RO, I want more explorations of what such a dynamic could be. Would be very interesting to have the MC be a robot, and have the other ROs have certain preconceptions or questions that the MC could either tear down or play into. Would be funny to have a “hey I’m a robot” reveal and the RO just responds with “AYOO REALLY??? THATS EVEN BETTER LETS GOOOO”


So I was thinking of what kind of love interests I want to see more of, and this is what I came up with:

  • More red flag romances. More villainous love interests, more enemies/rivals to lover romances.
  • More reincarnated lovers. Basically one party is immortal, the other is not. The immortal keeps seeing their dead past lover in you. Which leads to the protagonist wondering if the love interest truly loves them or who they used to be. There is something so tragic yet beautiful about this. Every time i see it, I eat it up. Delicious.
  • More heart-breaking exes. Either you dumped them or they dumped you. The history, the tension, I eat it up.
  • More green flag romances. Golden retriever energy like Watson from that Sherlock game. I can’t help but find it so adorable and sweet and I need 20 more romances like this one please.
  • More childhood friends. They met each other when they were children or they have a history as friends. Add some mutual pining and I love this trope.
  • More dorky, nerdy love interests. I just love dorks :purple_heart: no other reason.

Ohhhh this reminds me vividly of a comic called “Wait where the shooting star falls” in Tapas :star_struck:

I just read a short story with this and it. AUGH. MY HEARTT. Anyways, I’m not entirely sure how this would be achieved in the way I’m envisioning, but more “ragtag group of friends who are really good fighters and heros and whatnot go through life together having achieved great things except they’re different species so they die at different times, and there ends up only being two (immortals) left.” It’s just such a. Like. The found family but it’s DEAD and you’re ALL THAT’S LEFT of this great age of heros who did amazing things, and you cling to eachother like lifelines.

This is kind of weird with an IF that would have a very varied RO list, as I imagine the MC as one of the pair of immortals, but I’m envisioning a scenario where the other Immortal is an insanely close friend and very important to the MC + relevant to the MC’s story regardless of any romance with them. That whole “after thousands and thousands of years our relationship is so murky that defining it is difficult, but I know that you are The Most Important Person In My Life, and I would die for you tens of times over.” QPR vibes, y’know?


I can’t recommend any IFs like this, but I have just read a manga whose premise is just like this! It’s called Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.

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Back on topic: an underused RO archetype that I really adore, and that I didn’t even know I adored until I read the Shadow Society, is the ‘bubbly/silly RO that’s actually a lot more mature/dark deep down’. And the bubbly/silly aspect of their personality doesn’t necessarily have to be a front either: it can genuinely be a part of who they are, just like the more mature/dark side is a part of who they are.

Idk, I love that idea so much. It’s not seen super often, and I feel like the contrast gives the character so much more depth.


First thing first if you want a really good romance. I recommend it, it’s a chef kiss.

Romance’s that are kinda always insulting each other (In a playful way) making the most
stupid remarks of each other having play fights. But in the end, they know that they love each other so much. :kissing_closed_eyes:

There’s always the one person in the romane teasing or goofing off with the other person so much that their face is always red. And the voice is squeaking… so cute. :ok_hand:

More chef kiss romance's

The lovey dovey and the person that can’t handle it.
The villain and their assistant
Popular narcissist and person that treats them normal.


Gosh, the antihero! I love that trope with all of my heart


Wait nevermind wrong topic

Heck yes! A million percent agreed

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It’s a little weird for me to think of this considering I can’t remember the name of the story that used it, must’ve been years ago. But I like the trope where the mentor figure is actually just an average, everyday person who simply has better perspective, life experience, humility, etc than the hero does.

Ah yes! Now I remember, I must’ve been thinking of Uncle Ben from Spider-Man. And other super heroes who learn stuff from their family members as well.


Another question:

Thoughts on harem/ polymary romances?

I’m indecisive so having the option to get 'em all is amazing lol. Plus, the potential/ dynamic in that kinda stuff is just so fun

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Two words: 100 Girlfriends. A clear subversion of typical harem endings where one girl wins and the others lose. Plus, polyamory is highly encouraged in-universe and among the fandom.

Oh I love playing polyamorous romances! Seeing ‘poly’ in the descriptions of any game is an instant buy for me :laughing::laughing:. But poly romances is hardly underused in CoG games imo. I enjoy playing poly routes and would love to see more of them, of course, but i think CoG/HG/HC libraries offer plenty :blush:

I like Remi/Eryx in Heart of Battle a lot, and the Manish/Lodger polyamory path in Professor of Magical Studies. I don’t often go for polyamory options in games because I tend like one of the love interests a lot more than another, but in those cases I liked them both enough to go for it and they were very fun!


My absolute favorite poly romance is always the one in Dawnfall. It’s just sooo wholesome. I also love Javi/Dominique in Royal Affairs and R/J in Fernweh :smile:.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. Really, any RO route that has unconventional relationship dynamics is something I adore, as an aro. (Also huge mood on the indecisiveness :sob: I just want all of us to be friends and get along… is that too much to ask… :eyes: and maybe kiss or something idk…) AND ON THE DYNAMICS!! I feel like some people don’t really consider the information and vulnerability another person could unlock in an RO, and. Idk. They’re always just so sweet, when they actually work out.

In the IF I’m tentatively planning as a little hobby, I’m lowkey twisting myself around to find some angle for as many interesting poly routes as possible :sob: the issue is that a lot of them don’t really. Trust the other and/or they’re not eachother’s types, and Connection + Attraction is a huge factor for how the romance in this game works (I’m planning the ROs to have their own unique things they look for in a partner (it’s all personality and action based, not physically based jdsnjds), and for the romance to be easier or harder depending on that. Most of them don’t really care, but there’s ONE in particular… getting off topic here, haha :sweat_smile:)

I haven’t played very many full-length IFs, and as such haven’t gotten the chance to experience that many poly routes, but I’ve heard really good things about some of them!