What happens to all the WIPs?

I’ve always carried through with my gamebooks. The very first one I started is pending publication, and I’ve made steady progress on two of my current WIPs

People get writers block all the time, and they usually do some other things with their lives. May it be write another story, or live their life? I personally get upset whenever I see an amazing story get shelved, but nothing you can really do from it.

I had started an IN and i had gotten To a point where; i knew the more important events that whould be in it, but i was stuck with being unable to write the connecting events to make it flow

I think I’m most likely a great example of interesr being lost in their own project; I have stopped Devil’s Way and have lost interest in Dragon! but I am trying to just go through it with less quality; but at least it’s done. I don’t know if I’ll finish it, but I can try, I guess.

@Random, What was Devil’s Way? I don’t remember seeing anything for it

That’s because you weren’t here then, I made it last May, I think xD

http://www.choiceofgames.com/forum/discussion/1411/devil039s-way-working-title-wip Here’s the link if you’re still interested. I’ve stopped making the game but have rehashed the character of Aresha to use for something else, since I really love her personality. But yeah, this is my first (unsuccessful) try at a game.

Random I think you should try at dragon again not trying to nag at you or anything but if you devoted a lot to that game it could be really good because I saw promise from what I read about it

@Random, What you had was pretty good! Reminded me of Ghost Rider.

Aye and I would and so would many more like to see it continue, you have a talent

Thank you @Doctor & @holyknight124 I’m going to try and get Chapter 4 up, hopefully by the end of today. The quality isn’t promised and it probably will be way worse compared to the rest of the game, but at least Chapter 4 is finished.

If you want to know where all WIPs go, I eat them for breakfast, it gives me more inspiration :3

I miss the devils way it was in my opinion good
Just read the ending of mice and men and I was like wtf

Tell me about the rabbits, @darkstar2101, tell me about the rabbits!


Definitely a sad end.

@Doctor still trying to bury the ending as far back in my head
@Nocturnal_Stillness yeah it was
And I just may have figured out why I talk when I sleep and also figured out that there isn’t a second season of maoyu or sao out so life is pretty rough for me