What do YOU think makes a good game?

Please give details on what you think makes a game good! Just wanna get others thoughts. =]

-the penguin

Three dimensional characters, unique plot, eloquent writing, choices and stats that matter, and difficult adversaries.

Everything that Samuel said. I guess I think characterization is the most important though. If you don’t care about the characters, what difference does the plot make? What differences will the choices make?

Exhibit A: The difference between the original Star Wars trilogy and the second trilogy.

First & foremost: A good author/developer.

Characters are what breathes life into a story, a coherent plot is what gives it purpose, coherent writing is what frames the story, choices and stats are what makes the story interactive, and enemies that actually pose a challenge are vital to holding the readers attention.

You can have most of them rather than all, but that usually diminishes the story.

All of the above plus something else: unique charm. I know this isn’t a huuuuge thing yet because there aren’t that many games made in CS as of right now, but eventually we’re all going to have to think about how our games stick out in more ways than just genre.

For example, we’ve had several games where you are a space-fairer, which in itself is neat. But the games are all different in their own way. One is about a single pilot as they discover the truth about a terrifying foe, another is about whole fleets doing battle, and yet another focuses on a band of pirates trying to use all the space politics to their own advantage. All are sci-fi in the same vein, but have their own unique elements and style that make them exciting and fun.

So yeah, don’t be afraid to just go for whatever ridiculous idea you have. It’s probably better than generic setting #24601.


I agree with most people here and I’m striving to try and make my ChoiceScript game like that. I doubt I’ll get there though; I’m just a kid :stuck_out_tongue:

Stephen King himself said that the key to becoming a successful novelist isn’t natural talent, but drive, motivation, and perseverance. Sure natural talent will help you a bit, but without anything to give you motivation you’ll just plink along at the story.

Many games have it where you can choose what kind of person you are such as guy or girl or what name and back ground, personality and such. If a game has a character with a set personality and such do you think that would hinder or help the game?

I had an idea for a VERY random game such as a character that is well… like none other and very random things happen. would people be into that?

It limits in a way, but it makes the game more story-ish. Every person has the same background, personality, etc., which causes the game to become a story because your character is its own character in a way, instead of what you please. It causes the reader to become accustomed to the character’s way of thinking, and also makes the reader think twice before making a choice (it certainly makes me) .

oh and how do people feel about a lot of writing? if there is a long paragraph will you take the time to read it or wish for more choices and less text? also can you get away with a long intro to set the book up before a choice is even brought up?

My system is I’ll read everything in the beginning and like long portions but in the right setting. After playing the game and getting to know it I’ll skim and pass it up unless something truly interests me.

And I think the most important item needed is author belief. If their heart isn’t into their creation it makes for a lacking story best kept for later.

It depends. Some people like straight up choices, but I like a longer story because I love reading, firstly, but moreover, try to balance text and choices because longer stories because I want my choices to have actual impact on the story. Yes, you can get away with long introductions, depending on its scale of awesomeness. The best ones are the ones that describes everything up to that point, character, character’s personality, and (if they play a big role in the story), the character’s close acquaintances or enemies.

ooh and another question… many games are in second person so talks as if the character is you. “you do this or that” and such. what if it was in third person? so he or she? or firs person “I did this and that”. what do people think is best and worst or does it matter?

More choices and less text means the choices don’t matter. I prefer a relatively large amount of customized text. Like 800 words between choices

how much detail do people like? very book like that gives much detail so the reader can really see the scene or the basics of what’s happening?

I myself am both a fan and writer of verbose, purple prose.

Details that I can picture. Like I said, I love the long ones (ex. Tin Star)
(@second sentence, don’t ponder on that one)