What do you think about having interviews?

This is mostly intended for writers and mods but anyone can share their two cents.

So, I’ve been wondering. Wouldn’t it be cool if readers could get to know the authors a little more? And by that I mean could zoom interviews be done where we have like a host that asks the author some questions and whatnot. Or we could do it in a written form if the visual things doesn’t appeal too much.

I just think it would be cool to like have a little backstory on the authors and how they came to love writing. Or just any questions regarding writing or their creative process in creating their stories or what inspires them. What do you think?


CoG and HC already publish author interviews a few days before the release date of each game, the same time as they release the official demo. I’m not sure when they started, but they’ve been doing it for a few years now.

I’ve done author interviews for the ChoiceBeat interactive fiction zine, and I’d love to do more if that’s something readers would be interested in.


I think that sounds great! I’d be very happy to be interviewed; I’d prefer written over video.

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That’s always fun.

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I’d hate to be interviewed. Questions about the story(world) are one thing, but what has my personal life to do with it? It’s personal!

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I’ve done a lot of interviews in my day job and am always happy to do it. I didn’t get offered an interview about Vampire’s Kiss at all, which was a bit of a bummer. So far it’s the one thing I have written that has never drawn an interview.


No no no my friend. That’s not what I meant. Every good interview I’ve ever seen focuses on the person’s career or work(the reason they’ve been invited for an interview), not their personal life. I think you’d just be talking about things related to your writing.

Things like your real name, where you live, where you work, your personal relationships, your credit score lol, your political stance and your religious views are not to be included. That would just be too much.


Awww I’m sorry to hear, but who knows. It could still happen. Don’t write off completely yet.

I know right. I think it would be cool. That’s why I made this topic hoping someone would pick it up lol.

I feel ya😆 I myself don’t like being on video that much.

Oh wow! I literally did not know they did that. I kinda feel ashamed for not knowing lol. Where can I find these interviews? Or is usually with the announcement we get from mail?

They’re posted on the blog, and also on here. I think they’re also sent on the mailing list.

Here are the most recent ones:

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I’ve done a couple interviews for my writing; I know one was via email last year to promote Day After with a small IF account on Twitter (it went up pretty late, though, well after release) and then a podcast called Dinky about childfree lifestyles interviewed me as part of an episode in 2022 because they had been playing Parenting Simulator at the end of each episode in their first season. Which is funny, because then shortly after the interview they phased out that segment in favor of celebrity gossip. But it was a fun experience either way. I’d definitely be glad to do more, especially if they’re timed around story releases. Every little bit helps.

I also did a AmA (Ask me Anything) on the HG subreddit for Day After’s release. Which is not an interview, but is also not not an interview.

I would say I probably prefer text interviews a bit myself, more time to compose answers in my brain. But I’m down with either.


Oooouu thanks for send the link! I’ll grab some coffee and take a read. Should be interesting.

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I see we have a veteran interviewee in our midst today. Welcome my friend.

Your experience sounds like a lot of fun. So I guess an interview would be better used for promoting a book rather than for the readers to get to know. Or it could be both.

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Ideally it would be both. Strokes the ego of the author, helps the readers learn more about them, sells more copies. Win-win-win.


How about people send in their questions and the author makes a video or recording where they answer a couple? Must admit, I’m not a huge fan of being put on the spot either. Feels too much like an exam :sweat_smile:


Kinda agree with the rest, for me it is enough with the interviews published alongside the release of a new tittle as these let us learn a bit about the authors and are generally an interesting read.

Now a format like reddit, see “Choice of Games asks author” like in a live chat? I wouldn’t be opposed to but it is difficult as reddit shows to actually gather enough interest for most of these “interactive Q&A”, it also takes time from the author that they probably don’t have.

Still love the concept and please keep posting insights about the people behind our favourite novels.


I would say ask me anything threads are worth the time, personally, at least for HG authors. Malin did one a few months back and it had hundreds of responses. Granted, not all authors would hit that level, but I think any of them would get a fair amount of participation. The sub likes to interact with authors (even if, you know, it isn’t always housebroken enough to do it politely).

The CoG sub has a lot less regular activity, so I’m not as sure about doing one there. A big name like @HarrisPS might be able to bring them out. Others, bit more up in the air.


Aw, thank you! I’m sure people would be enthusiastic whatever the size of the author’s name. I did one on the CoG subreddit after Royal Affairs came out, inspired by @FayI doing one for Heart of Battle, and there were quite a few responses which was lovely - it was a nice informal way of interacting with people. I’ll probably do another one when the Honor Bound beta starts.