What do you look for in a RO?


Yeah pretty much, I never really seen it in a hosted/choice of game before, but I guess there’s a reason why.


I’ll add one for you :wink:


Awesome. :grin:
Sex is usually used as the ‘reward’ that needs to be unlocked. I also would really like to see a relationship offered as the unlockable reward.


I prefer men, and I usually like them to match my personality: intense, sometimes forbidden, love that grows quickly and leads to really passionate… uh… discussions…


I love a slight antagonistic/rivalmance like Fenris from dragon age 2, especially if you’re a mage. Or Preston from Tin Star when I am an honorable and lawful marshall.


There are lots, yeah, but you can initiate more than one in a single playthrough, and then decide who your main interest is later on, so it’s not a situation where you have to decide who you want to spend your life with the instant you first meet them :smile:

Which would count as a thing I look for in an RO, come to think of it. The opportunity to get to know them a bit before deciding if I’m setting my cap at them or not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you know any interactive games on here that are like that? I actually have been looking for something like that but only found games that are slightly similar to it.


Perhaps the infinity series?
Starting from Guns of Infinity, there will be multiple RO emerging without needing us to commit immediately…

There is still an RO who the MC could start courting from Guns of infinity, but it is still not an absolute success since we may face competitor in future Book 3 , even if we decide to set her as our main love interest…

Edit : There is of course Tin Star… where we will get multiple interaction with the RO and we wouldn’t required to commit to anyone until the epilogue, where we will have a choice to marry them if we desire to do so…


Oh, that’s really good to know! ((Though I am notorious for latching on to the first RO I see for better or worse and then being like gdi mistakes were made but at that point I’m stubbornly in it to win it :rofl:)) Maybe this time, since there are so many, I’ll actually make a concerted effort to slow my roll… Maybe.

Thank you again for the info!


Oh my god same.
Bonus points if they’re friendly to the MC. First impressions and all that.


I would like to see more RO’s who are confident without being a jerk, nice without being timid.


I have the opposite problem, in that I flirt with everything and take too long to make a choice, therefore forever-alone-ing my way through life :sob:


I’m good as long as the ROs are well written and goes well with the plot but I do have preferences:

} Dorky type or a guy who make a fool of himself everytime they try to impress a girl.

} Brooding intellegent guys with good deduction skills and physically fit (ahem Kougami from Psycho Pass).

} “Trouble makers/sleepyheads” who doesn’t give shit about (school) rules or anyone but pretty chill about it and surprisingly a genius.

} Badass who are dangerous but doesn’t seem/feel like one. The one that look like an idiot or “weak” but something actually makes them cool or bad ass.

} Gentleman, do I need to explain this one?

Most of descriptions I gave are fit for guys, at least in my point of view.

Oh before I forgot I like ROs like him


You have good taste.

(I would not say no to the grumpy fit with good skills and mother hen instict too…Ginoza style!)


I don’t have a specific build, tho as a straight man I mostly pick girls for my typically male persona.

For the most part I care more about character Build than appearance. The important things are, amusing character quirks, an interesting background or skill set or job, and something, anything really, that differentiates them from other characters. Part of what makes 7th sea ROs so uninteresting is they are all career sailors with emotional walls that need to be broken down, and a strong sense of justice and loyalty.

On fics that give your choices more significant impact on the story, such as choice of broadsides or the lost heir series, I find the significant impact your pairing choice has on the story particularly enjoyable.


For me I tend to go for plenty of different personalities in men. I tend to go for the ‘work-hard, play-hard’ kind of guy that knows how to have fun, but also understands when it’s time to be serious. RO’s that are readers and family men get me everytime.


As long as the Ro doesn’t act like a self absorbed mf then I’ll love them, don’t think I have a preference but If I tried to; I would go for strong ( not physical in a sense but you can’t be a crying wimp or a coward), protective(if they’re not that’s OK too…i guess) and kind (hmm… I think I’ll like a ruthless ro too…), a little jealousy too is cute as long as it doesn’t come of as too possessive


A relationship where the PC and the RO both learn something from each other. Preferably the RO starts off hating the PC and everything they stand for, but slowly (but not too slowly!!) they develop feelings for each other and reach an understanding shortly followed by making out somewhere really inappropriate.


I like having varied options. I play a tooon of dating sims (because ya girl is not emotionally ready to date IRL), and I know all the tropes of ROs.

My favorites tend to be the ones who are slightly mean (but not outright mean, like Eduardo in Pirates In Love [I will never forgive him]) and kinda brusque. The teddy-bear-on-the-inside types.

However, I also have a soft spot for the debonair scoundrel with a heart of gold. The huge flirt who is only serious about you? swoon

Same with the funny guys. I go for funny men in real life, so funny characters? 10/10. Bonus points for being just slightly flirty and highly self-derogatory. fans self

In regards to ladies, specifically, I tend to go for ultra feminine women. Very cute and girly, but not necessarily a damsel in distress. Just a strong girl who likes pink, ok.

But, most importantly, I like a romance that leaves me feeling emotionally fulfilled. I don’t like rushed romances, nor romances where you have all of 1-2 scenes.

The game doesn’t have to be about the romance alone, but don’t shoehorn it, either. Don’t put it in the game simply to say, “play as gay, straight, bisexual, or asexual!” Like, put it in there for a reason, or don’t put it in at all.