What do you look for in a RO?


For me it’s the less about the RO’s character and more how interesting, well-written, and well intergrated into the plot the romance is. But in terms of the character itself it depends on which MC I’m playing since some are pickier than others… but I do have a HUGE weakness for the rival-types.


I totally forgot about the rival tropes. I like these kind of concepts as well.


Give me a character who is my MC’s rival and 9 times out of 10 I will want my MC to smooch them.


We have the same goal mah fren



Rough around the edges. One that can actually be useful in the story (not necessarily like the story won’t progress if you don’t date them, just makes the story ahead and make your character better). I think one with a personality is best.


Game: This character is your MC’s rival and they hate them.

Me: You fool, you absolute fool.


IRL, what I generally look for in a man is their ability to offer physical and psychological safety, ability to challenge me intellectually and spiritually, and will be honest with me (brutally if necessary).

In fiction, I’m not as picky about men as long as I find the character interesting enough and not as shallow as a puddle in the Sahara.


muh…personally the ‘rival’ thing…it really all depand on the ‘rivalery’ . Most of the time your rival is a butthurt ass…that come from the wood work . It’s never explained (or given the choice) to choose why (or the rival itself) you are rivals . I like to think you can be rival with someone and have a healthy relationship…

but most rival relationship…translate often as angry sex lol so very muh…

So until the day my rival isn’t an ass…I pass lol


I totally agree with you, even as rival romance partner , there should be a reason for such rivary and at least there maintain a mutual respect between each other… or perhaps we shared a past or history with such rival for us to attach with them :slight_smile:

Taking for example, i don’t think that “Warren” of yours is worthy of a rival romance :wink:


I feel like the ROs I’ve liked most so far have always had some sort of agenda (not necessarily a bad or hidden one) or at least very clearly has a life outside of what’s immediately relevant to the MC. Basically kind of like what others have said with having a multidimensional character I guess? I also have a soft spot for rivalmances that also meet that? It’s not so much that I like it when the mc and RO totally hate each other but more like I like the conflict that it provides

Wakefield in Choice of the Deathless is my favorite romance of all time and I Will Never Shut Up About Them. The backstory between them and you MC depends on how you play and the option to have BST with them going back since their college days is certainly a plus, but also even if their comments to MC are pretty backhanded most of the time, they do really respect the MC (given that you have high enough approval to even romance them in the first place) which I love. And I also really love the contrast between their picture perfect top Craftsman facade and their genuine, vulnerable side that you get a glimpse of in the romance scene and in the epilogue

I also really like Strephon from Empyrean. Instead of being more on equal terms like Wakefield and the Deathless MC can be, Strephon is rivals with the MC because they have something he wants which is the ability to pilot the Empyrean and being the face of the revolution. His and the MC’s relationship (even before the romance, since theres the whole “attempted murder” thing) starts out rough because of the envy he feels and it carries through even through the romance, but he is also very self aware with how he feels and the actions he takes. I really like that you actually get an apology from him about everything he’s done and it’s very sincere and he actually grows past the version of himself you meet in the beginning. It’s also really sweet how smitten and how gentle he is after developing feelings for the MC

(Strephon is also amazing and I don’t Not Shut Up enough about him)


I think the thing that piss me off the most , is when rival fight over somoene like that someone is some kind of ‘prize’ or ‘object’ . Then it get worse!!! the rival are willing to forsake ANY friendship (even if they were friend since kidgarden!!) for this nonsense !!

I just scream incoherently at the screen when it happen lol cose the only word I have for them is ‘GROW UP!’ .

warren? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m a sucker for childhood bestfriends/crushes where it just develops naturally. :two_hearts:

People that you can banter with a lot, be silly with, have a sense of adventure, and aren’t afraid to show their emotions. I don’t mind if they’re either the shy or romantic/charming type, they both have different appeals to me. It’d actually be nice if they show both sides, hehe. So cheerful people, in general. Bonus points if they actually have a big role in the story. :blush:

I can see the appeal of broody types and rivals though. They could be fun, but they’re definitely not my first choice.

And yes, the courting process is part of the fun. It’s not as satisfying if it’s too quick.

Also, can we have more fat/chubby ROs, please? :kissing:


I always go for female ROs when available and I tend to like them big, strong and rough around the edges. I like my fictional ROs sort of butch, I suppose, even better when they’re broad and muscular. (Which is interesting because it’s very very unlike what I’m into in real life. My MCs tend to be bottoms who want to be stepped on, whereas I’m…not that at all.)

So…Jasper from Steven Universe.

I wanna date Jasper.

Apart from my thing for ‘she big’ type of characters, I like the grumpy/growly ones that need their trust and loyalty earned. I like them interesting and angsty and the ones I always enjoy are those that have a significant history with the MC. Best friends to lovers and enemies to lovers are my fave tropes for romance because I need that slow burn, I’ve-been-pining-for-you-for-years-but-always-held-back kind of tension.

When I do go for male ROs, I tend to like the sweet, sometimes shy type. The supportive goofball. The big teddy bear. In a way, my male RO tastes align more closely with my RL tastes than the female ones. Plus points if my female MC gets to be the proactive or toppy one once in a while. (I quite enjoyed romancing Arthur as a Genuevere who tried to get in his pants at every opportunity, for example, whereas Lancelot left me cold.)


Me too! I love the “from enemies to lover thing!”
Or being paired with that collegues whom the MC have a rilvary, just to have shenanigans run wild, to than have the two learn to trust and work together and have the sexual tension came to fruition!

Another thing I’d love to see, is more simple and fluffy couple life. Many romance end with the “I luv you” kiss, but rarely talk of the dinamics of the relationship. I’d like to see everyday teasing and little gestures.


Which game can you romance Arthur and Lancelot? I saw it mentioned on this thread but cannot recall them in any game I played.



EDIT: https://dashingdon.com/play/jeantown/guenevere/mygame/guenevere_compiled.html


where is that? can someone link me please?


Oh, and definitely huggy people. How could I forget that? :hugs:



Oh, and the ones who play hard to get. That will eventually end up playing hard to receive.


If an RO is an asshole, manipulative, sadistic, or any blend of the sort, that’s my man.

Anything goes really - he can try murdering my MC (like Ukyo in Amnesia, Fuma Kotaro in SLBP, Hamelin in Ozmafia!!!), just be completely cruel (Monochrome Heaven, SSS), and anything in that vein, and I’ll love him to pieces.

Oh! And I really love the lovesick yandere types (Kenshin in Ikemen Sengoku, Kuroyuki in Nightshade, Haru-akira in Destined to Love). It’s just very attractive to me.