What do you look for in a RO?


I’m somewhere in the middle I think. I very much enjoy the slow building of the relationship, and eventual payoff…but at the same time sometimes you just want to get all up in there as quickly as possible.


Go for it and enjoy the ride! Arthur and Lancelot’s romances are charming enough, but Morgana’s is by far my favorite. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It might be because I’m a romantic at heart, but I love slow burns. The relationship might take a while to get moving, but the payoff is usually so worth it!


was talking about Lohse actually lol but yeah…Morgan is my favorite…I’m still praying that Lancelot would get it on with Arthur…so I can have Smoochie time with Morgana :rofl:


it just usually alot of romance go very FAST FORWARD…alot .

I haven’t seen that many (1?) slow burn romance…well.scratch that…3 so far ? in comparaison to the many many stories I brough and it wasn’t a slow burn .


Lohse is amazing, and her romance is a really fun time. (I romanced her as Sebille in my first playthrough and they had some great banter.)

Ha! That would be the ultimate dream, wouldn’t it? No love triangle (or square) here, folks.


thats so funny! lol My 1st time I played as Lohse and romanced Sebille! :laughing:

tell me about it…it would be hilarious if you could make it happen lol


I hear you…i am opposite. I tend to read a lot of slow burn then when i finally get a relationship its all “that was the best kiss ever, you wake up naked…” etc. Yeah. Boo.


oh I don’t know…

normal romance get the pants down so fast…and its over in a blink…then you just get the final part of the story and its like something is missing .

Slow burn though…it kinda leave you thirsty for a long time , so when the final get there its all worth it . Then make you wanna start over and do it again lol .

and…I wont say I read alot of those (Slow burn) but just wayhaven and 2 others…gotta say in comparaison to those normal romance…they burn far brighter and leave a mark that doesnt fade easely .


A well written slow burner would make that kiss the most cathartic thing ever. But i hate romances that end with just the physical side of courtship. Give me post marriage or coupely stuff!


Oh I totally get you! I am just saying i dont want it in every game. If you do, do you!!! Far more strength than i have!

My fav game is WAYHAVEN and i am a Nate gal, sooo i will likely get a kiss soon but it really feels like by the end of book 2 all the romances should get atleast. Kiss…they are freaking vampires. Vampires are sexual always…come.oooooon


I’m falling for both Ava and Nat…

yes I’m that strong…

I got lot of kleenex ready and duct tape…I shall endure…

you cannot break whats already broken :rofl:


Hahaha I love you


I understand your frustration though…

I mean I play BW games…where every romance dialogue is blocked by a goddamn amount of ‘you must play the story further before you get a Smoochie’’ :sweat_smile:


Right?!?!@ booooooo


I agree with you, i love post marriage if it is available in the story, thus far only Great Tournament 2 provide with a storyline of post marriage to a princess … and the experience of ruling beside a Queen is an enjoyable experience…
Of course i would hope in future, there will be story about female MC ruling beside her King/Queen… and Male MC ruling beside a king will be quite progressive as well…

I would think the relationship with Luisa in Love at Elevation is sort of post marriage even though they aren’t actually marry , but it is about love after the initial courting process where couple could get separated due to misunderstanding and how it feels like to reconcile with someone we used to passionately in love…

So far, i think all romances are about the courting process where MC is making lots of promises, with the assumption that life will be happily ever after … but what happen when problem arises and we have a fight , then get separated for a while… ? :-):joy:


you get to do the dishes !!! Reveeeeeeeeenge!!! Lol

I for one don’t care for marriage…I’m happy with 'run away from hero business together with the Pony prize ’ lol


Lol… yeah even without marriage , it could still be post coupling , which is an entirely different adventure…
MC : Why i need to carry your luggage ?
LI : You never ask why 2 years ago…
MC : Well… that was 2 years ago…
Li: What are you saying now ? You were lying to me when you said those things 2 years ago ??
MC : No… no… of course not, carry your luggage it is…


beside half of that weigh from the luggage is probably the LI stuff…y’know…all them walktrough and Panphlet and Books about how Hot they are :rofl:


I prefer slow burns since it let me know that specific character better and why they are that way. That’s probably why I go after those who don’t wear their emotions in their sleeves and grounded since I am too emotional IRL but I know where to draw the line if they become abusive or still a jerk even though you are with them in the long run.

I have a mixed preference in terms of ROs but majority of them would be melting the Ice King’s heart type.


Can I screw them all? If no, then how many can I screw? If none, Can I at least manipulate them? If no, go back to the first question.

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