What do you like about slowburn romances?

Great topic to be thrown into 2023. Just saying. What’s going on with the forum code right now?

Sorry, I’m not sure if I understand?

Oh, I liked this post. Let’s find out why,

Breath escapes all. Haven’t been this excited and influenced by an ocean narrative since SOMA. Future SOMA has nothing to do with past Night Market.

Kinda cool you Hannah can show up in a thread that no one has seen in months/years,

I have no idea what is happening. I’m just clicking on the next forum profile thing. The thing that beeps is me, bug I’m just trying to get back to that one thread from at least 4 days ago.

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It’s just because I started the thread - I got a notification about the post :slight_smile:

Sounds like you may be clicking on the Related Topics, maybe? Or the forum software might be doing something strange with notifications - I think I saw someone else mention that they were getting notifications that they didn’t expect. No worries!

Ah, okay. Nothing to do with the 200 notifications.

I’m only clicking on blue notification topics. I’m trying to get back to that one topic from at least 3 days ago. I can’t find it. I keep getting introduced to new topics I’ve never been to before.

You can go into your Preferences > Notifications to reduce your notifications if they’re annoying. If you scroll down to the bottom of a topic, there’s a button that looks like this:

And if you set that to “Normal”, it’ll get rid of blue reply numbers for topics that you don’t want to be tracking. That may help make things more manageable :slightly_smiling_face: I know it has for me!

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Okay, thank you. Not sure why I started getting notifications for a bunch of threads I’ve never visited before. I thought it meant they were threads I was supposed to post in. Cracked my brain even further.